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Why You Should Travel While You’re Young and in Your 20s

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Yes, millennials would rather pay for experiences.

And travel is the best investment we could make in our 20s.

Here’s why it’s so important to travel while you’re young and in your 20s!

We are so happy that it’s becoming more and more common that young people, especially those in their 20s, want to spend more time traveling and exploring the world. Because let’s face it, a large portion of the millennial generation was raised under intense pressure to follow a linear path to be successful, get a job, and raise a family. Don’t get us wrong, being successful and getting your dream job is awesome and should be your priority!

But if you’re like us, there was a point in our lives where we wanted to slow down and fulfill our inner wanderlust that seemed to be bursting at its seams. Life comes at your fast. We wanted to see the world before life started to take over. To us, it’s totally ok to want to slow down and explore the world before you start working full-time, moving, becoming homeowners/renter, or becoming spouse or parent.

In our society today, when young people travel, there is a misconception that they’re putting themselves into more debt and wasting their money away on something insignificant. Or that young people traveling is just a trend for getting Instagram likes that people want to be a part of. This couldn’t be more wrong. Traveling can change your life for the better!

Keep reading to see why you should travel while you’re young and in your 20s!

Traveling as a Young Person

Now is the Time

Life happens fast. You graduate college, start a job, maybe you meet someone and start a family, and then all of a sudden you’re attending your 20-year class reunion. When you’re young, there is more time than you think for traveling. Traveling young is the best time because you have fewer strings attached and less baggage going along with your life. For most people, you only have to worry about you. Taking the time while you’re young gives you the chance to do some growing, exploring, and learning before life takes over.

It’s Financially Smart

Why buy things when you can have once in a lifetime experiences? For us, experiences are a lot more appealing. One of the biggest things about traveling that gets a bad rep is the cost. And as a traveling young person, lots of people assume “their parents are paying for it” or “they’re privileged.” And this isn’t always true. Lots of young people fund their own adventures. And as a young person, you can save money because you’re only paying for yourself and you learn how to manage your money while traveling. You’re making an investment in yourself and your life. Traveling gives you that chance to be a student of the world. We continue to discuss these learning opportunities later in this post!

Because of the costs, traveling as a young person or a student seems so out of reach for some. But student travel discounts are available thanks for third party booking providers and travel agencies like EF Ultimate Break.

Read our guide on how you can find different ways to travel as a student even if you feel like you can’t!

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You Gain Independence and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you travel, especially traveling solo, you’ll gain independence. The first time traveling solo might be scary, but it’s totally worth it!  Every day you’ll have to make decisions for yourself, get to places on your own, and interact with different people. Traveling alone forces you to be independent. Isn’t that what becoming an adult is all about? Doing things on your own will help you later in life when you’re in a career.

When traveling, naturally, you’re going to be out of your comfort zone. New places can be intimidating, especially when you’re the odd person out and you feel like all of the locals are staring at you. (Commence flashbacks to awkward middle school years) But embrace it! This is a great opportunity to test yourself and maybe get over some fears!

Learn About Yourself

While traveling, you’re going to learn about yourself. You’ll learn things that you like and dislike, new interests you didn’t know you had, and where you can improve yourself. Traveling is an opportunity for discovery!

Experience New Cultures, Languages, and People

Traveling gives you the chance to experience something completely new. You can hear and speak new languages, experience local culture, and cuisine, and meet interesting people. The best way to learn about people different from yourself is to immerse yourself into their world and traveling gives you the opportunity to do so! Learning about new cultures and people promotes human connection and breeds tolerance. In a world that is so divided, listening to other and experiencing different cultures is vital for bettering yourself and society.

See History

When you travel, you’re able to visit landmarks in history. Witnessing history and learning about the past is very important for framing your own worldview and understanding your place in the world. Not only is history interesting and fascinating, but history can also help us make a better tomorrow!

You Can Use the Things You Learn From Travelling in Your Future Job

Thinking about all of these things in this post, traveling is one big learning experience. Throughout your journeys, you’ll learn things that you can use in your everyday life when you go home and maybe even at work. Maybe those few Spanish phrases will come in handy during a business meeting. Or maybe understanding a different culture will allow you to develop better professional relationships. Or all those times you had to talk to strangers helps you become more confident in social situations. The things you learn from traveling help you to grow as a person and a young professional.

So Why Not Travel?

But seriously why not travel while you’re in your 20s?! You won’t regret it!