Why You Need to Download Rayka: A Travel Recommendation App

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There’s nothing worse than checking a travel website and seeing a range of very good to very crappy reviews of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. It’s so hard to believe what you read! Maybe someone was having a bad day when they wrote that terrible restaurant review about how someone’s salad didn’t come with the dressing on the side. Or when someone’s hotel review is 2/5 stars but only wrote a comment saying the check-in experience was “bad.” Reviews like these are hard to trust, and quite honestly, they’re not helpful at all. When we’re traveling, we want genuine advice and insight from people who are honest and actually helpful.

Well, Rayka is a solution to this problem. Rayka is a travel app that helps you discover the world around you, with trusted recommendations from experts in the travel industry. This app was designed by people who love to travel themselves, so they know what kind of things travelers search for and desire.

Why You Need to Download Rayka

What is Rayka?

Recommendations not reviews – that’s what Rayka strives for. The creators of Rayka wanted to create a platform where users can read trusted recommendations from experts in the travel industry, instead of being left confused and frustrated by poor reviews on other platforms. In addition to providing recommendations, Rayka is designed to be social! Through Rayka, you can connect with other travelers!

Who is Rayka for?

Rayka is for anyone who wants trusted opinions and recommendations when they travel. This app was designed by two students who studied abroad in college, so the app to aimed at students, but is applicable for any traveler!

How do you use Rayka?

Discover things around you

Rayka is a very user-friendly app that is designed as a social media outlet. The interface is highly reminiscent of Instagram with a news feed for people you follow, a discover page, a search page, and a profile page. On Rayka, you can search for keywords like “hostels” or “coffee shops” with a geotag and find recommendations by travel experts based on your search.

Connect with your community

In addition to following experts, you can follow communities on travel niches to discover specific and unique things around you. These communities include anything from foodie travel, student travel, adventure travel, to country-specific travel. Download Rayka to find your niche!

Follow experts

Rayka’s travel experts are travel bloggers, vloggers, and writers from all travel niches from adventure travel to foodie travel to solo travel. These experts are selected by Rayka based on their experience travelings. Because of their experience traveling, the experts are able to provide their recommendations and lists of favorites for Rayka users. And most importantly, these recommendations can be trusted and aren’t going to be vague or subjective.

Download Rayka

Want to download Rayka! Click here! Currently Rayka is only available on iOS; however, a Play Store and desktop version are in the works!

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