Why Pittsburgh Should Be the Next City You Visit

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When people think of the major cities in the United States, Pittsburgh probably isn’t on their list. But it should! Pittsburgh is considered one of the up and coming cities worth settling down in, in the United States. Pittsburgh has a lot to offer including jobs, affordable housing, good schools and universities, attractions, and activities. Here are our 8 reasons why you should consider visiting, the Steel City, Pittsburgh.

8 Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh

It’s The City of Champions

Pittsburgh is home to champion sports teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins. Those from Pittsburgh, or the fellow yinzers, love their sports and have great pride in their teams during the seasons. Locals bleed gold and black and embrace local pride.

There’s Interesting Food

Only in Pittsburgh at Primanti Brothers can you get a sandwich with french fries served on it. If you check out the Strip District, you’ll find local gems for food like Pamela’s P&G diner and ethnic restaurants like Gaucho. Pittsburgh, like most western Pennsylvania, has eastern European heritage. So expect to see dishes like pierogi and haluski, on local menus.

Pittsburgh is famed for the Heinz company. Today, the historic Heinz Factory has been converted into lofts.

There’s a Language

Pittsburghese is real. Yinz, dahntown, n’at, the list goes on. True locals of Pittsburgh have an accent, which leads to their Pittsburghese. Today it’s honestly a running joke among locals. Read more about Pittsburghese here! Or watch some Pittsburgh Dad to see it in action.

The World-Class Museums

Pittsburgh is home to some world-class museums! These museums make for a great rainy day activity in Pittsburgh. Explore history at the Natural History Museum, or learn about the human body and space at the science center. Or learn about pop art at the Andy Warhol museum! Read more about Pittsburgh’s museums in our museum guide!

The Skyline is Pretty Awesome

The view of Pittsburgh from Mount Washington is one of the best in the city. Take one of the historic inlines up and enjoy the view! Another amazing view of the city is when you enter from the Fort Pitt tunnel. Some people call this bridge the front porch of the city!

There are Activities for Everyone

From museums to parks to sporting events there is something to do for everyone. Different areas of Pittsburgh offer unique things to do. If you want to shop, visit the Waterfront. If you want to hit the bar scene, go to the Southside. Sporting events? North shore! Read more about activities in Pittsburgh on our travel guide to the city!

Pittsburgh Has More Bridges Than Venice

Yep this is true! Pittsburgh has 446 bridges, which is more than the other city of bridges, Venice! Because Pittsburgh is nestled at the fork of the Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela Rivers, there are beautiful yellow bridges that connect the shores to downtown. Each of the larger bridges is named for someone famous in Pittsburgh, such as Rachel Carson, Roberto Clemente, and Andy Warhol.

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The History is Pretty Amazing

Pittsburgh has played an important role in Western Pennsylvania’s war and industrial history. During the 18th century, Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne played large strategic roles during the conflict because of the convenient location at the point of the three rivers.

Pittsburgh is called the Steel City because it was a hub of the steel industry. Industrialists such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, Andrew W. Mellon, and George Westinghouse built their industrial empires in Pittsburgh. Instrustry in Pittsburgh was profitable, but this was also a dark time in Pittsburgh’s history. Because of the steel industry, Pittsburgh was once one of the dirtiest cities. The air was thick and dark with smoke and pollution. After World War II, a clean air and civic revitalization project known as the “Renaissance” was launched. Today, Pittsburgh has since cleaned up its air and is considered a green city!

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