Where to Stay in Rome: Hotel San Pio Review

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During one of our stays in Rome we stayed at the Hotel San Pio, located on to the Aventine Hill in Rome. We absolutely loved our stay at the Hotel San Pio because it was beautiful, quiet, and in a wonderful location in Rome.

Hotel Villa San Pio: Where to Stay in Rome

Affordable Hotel in Rome on the Aventine Hill  

Located on one of the few hills in Rome, the Aventine, Hotel San Pio was a beautiful place to stay in Rome. The hotel was beautifully decorated with painted floral designs on the walls, a sunroom for breakfast, and lush courtyard. The breakfast buffet had a large selection with fruit, pies, pastries, egg, bacon, and cereal. The staff was incredibly friendly and I felt very safe in the hotel. The double room where I stayed was spacious, had a mini fridge, and large windows. The marble bathroom with Jacuzzi tub was a great feature. In the evenings, the bar offers happy hour specials and sells their house wine. They have 24-hour front desk staff and doorman, which made me feel very safe.

villa san pio rome

villa san pio rome
The View from My Rooms

villa san pio roomsvilla san pio roomsvilla san pio roomsvilla san pio rooms

The Location

The neighborhood was very quiet and peaceful since it is mostly a residential area. It is within walking distance of the Pontifical Atheneum of San Anselmo, the Benedictine educational institute in Rome. Here, members of the Benedictine Order may come to study. Vespers and Mass are said daily and open for visitors. Located on the hill, the Orange Garden offers panoramic views of the city and River Tiber. If you feel up for a walk, the hotel is about 15 minutes from the Roman Coliseum and Forum and 5 minutes from public transit.

the Orange Garden romethe Orange Garden rome