Exploring the Summer Swiss Alps: Two Days in Engelberg, Switzerland

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Engelberg Switzerland will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

Or like you’re in Rivendell from Lord of the Rings. Depending on your movie vibes.

Nestled in the Uri Alps, Engelberg, a Swiss ski town, is just as beautiful in the summer as it would be in the wintertime. Without the snow in the summer, the town was very empty, which is quite refreshing when many cities in Europe during the summer are flooded with tourists. Even though Engelberg attracts visitors for skiing, there are still lots of things to do in Engelberg in the summer, especially if you’re interested in hiking and adventuring!

Two Days in Engelberg during the Summer

The best part of Engelberg was the outdoors. Engelberg has countless hiking trails ranging in difficulty. If you’re traveling to Engelberg, be ready for adventuring and exploring!

engelberg switzerland
engelberg switzerland

Day 1: Explore Engelberg

Engelberg Sporting Park

If you happen to be in Engelberg while it’s raining, you can still be active at the Engelberg Sporting Park. here you can play tennis, ice skate, or try curling for the first time!

The town of Engelberg is very small and only has a few restaurants and shops. The cheapest food you will find is at Engelberg Sporting Park. There are other restaurant options, like a Chinese place, Mexican food, and a steakhouse; however, you will be spending a lot (remember this is a resort town). Considering Switzerland, in general, is expensive due to the US dollar exchange rate, be ready to spend in Switzerland.

Go Hiking on One of the Many Hiking Trails

On our first evening, we went for a hike on the Bergli Trail. The forest and river were so beautiful. It felt great to get some fresh air and take in nature around us.

hiking engelberg
hiking engelberg
hiking engelberg

Explore Engelberg Abbey

Our most interesting find in Engelberg was a Benedictine Monastery! Even in the mountains of Switzerland, you can find some Benedictine heritage that reminds us of who inspired our blog name.

The Abbey is dedicated to our Lady of Angels and was established in 1120! It’s hard to believe that the Benedictines found themselves in the mountains of Switzerland that long ago! Who would have thought?! The Engelberg Abbey is a beautiful space to explore in Engelberg.

Engelberg Abbey
Engelberg Abbey
Engelberg Abbey
Engelberg Abbey
Engelberg Abbey

Day 2: Continue Exploring Engelberg or Take a Day Trip to Lucerne

During our second day in Engelberg, we spent half of the day explore the best things to do in Lucerne! Lucerne is located a short 30 minute drive from Engelberg making is a great day trip!

Engelberg in the Winter

Since Engelberg is a ski resort village, Engelberg comes alive during the winter for skiing! Nearby Mount Titlis is one of the most famous ski spots in the world and draws visitors from around the globe. Even if you aren’t a skiier, you can ride the gondola up the mountain to see the gorgeous views of the Uri Alps.

Where to Stay in Engelberg: Ski Lodge Engelberg

During our visit to Engelberg, Switzerland, we stayed at the Ski Lodge Engelberg. This hotel couldn’t have been in a better location with a better view. Surrounded by the mountains, we felt like we were on a retreat, away from civilization. The staff was very friendly and were helpful in showing us which trails were good for hiking. The entire hotel was equipped with Wifi, if you feel up for reconnecting with the world!

ski lodge engelberg

The decor in our room was very homey and complimentary to the ski lodge atmosphere. Our room had two single beds and a private bathroom with a steam shower. The room had a large window with a view of the mountains! It was a very comfortable room for our stay. It was clean and spacious.

Since we were with EF Ultimate Break, the hotel was offering a dinner promotion for our group. It included a burger with a side and drink for $20. We chose to take this option for dinner instead of ordering from the menu and it turned out to be delicious. Thankfully, they had both beef and veggie burgers for the vegetarians. Another plus, the breakfast was very good. Deli meats, breads, hard boiled egg, and oatmeal were offered. The best part of our meals was the view pictured below!

ski lodge engelberg food

Getting to Engelberg

Engelberg is accessible via car or by train. You can easily take a two-hour train ride from Zurich or a 1-hour ride from Lucerne. Because of Engelberg’s remote location, the views driving or riding to the town are spectacular!