Spring Break for Students

5 Ways to Travel Over Spring Break this Year: Student Spring Break Ideas

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Spring break season is here for students

Are you currently panicking about what to do for spring break?

It’s ok, it happens.

But look no further because us fellow students have compiled a list of traditional and alternative spring break ideas for students!

5 Ways to Travel Over Spring Break: Student Travel Inspiration

Here’s how you can spend spring break as a student!

Plan a Spring Break Trip with Friends

This is the classic spring break idea for students; planning the trip to the beach with your friends for a week of sun and sand. If you want to have this college (maybe even high school for some) experience, go for it. Check it off the bucket list! If you’re on the East Coast like us, lots of my friends have gone to Panama City Beach or Miami for spring break. When planning a spring break trip, don’t forget to search for student flight discounts!


Spring Break for Students
Uxmal Mexico

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Spring Break Abroad with Your School

This is how we have traveled so much over spring break. We’ve gone on EF College Study trips sponsored our college. By being a part of a specific class, we were able to do a “short term” study abroad over spring break. We went to Rome/Greece and Paris for a photography class, which was amazing because we got college credit for taking photographs abroad!

Spring Break For Students

Our school also has offered spring break trips with different clubs and organizations, so it’s worth looking into at your school! Talk to your director of study abroad or leaders of organizations, who knows you asking might inspire them to plan something!

And by traveling with your school, you get to travel with people you know and with an organized group, so a lot of the travel planning would be taken off of our shoulders.

Volunteer over Spring Break

In addition to traveling with our college for classes, we have traveled abroad for service trips. Service trips are a great alternative spring break option for those who want to feel productive and impactful with their time. When I traveled to Haiti, I was with my college’s service learning program, where we not only served abroad to aid others but to educate ourselves on effective poverty alleviation.

Alternative Spring Break for Students

See if your school has a internal or external service organization or campus ministry office that offers service trips abroad. But remember, if you’re interested in a service trip, think about why you’re going. You don’t want to go just to pat yourself on the back or for “voluntourism.”  It’s not sustainable to service abroad only for touristic reasons.

Volunteer Spring Break for Students

Travel Locally

You don’t to have to go far to go on a spring break trip. If you’re looking to save some money on airfare, think about cities and sights within a twofour-hourhour driving distance of your hometown. There are probably more interesting things around you than what you think! Search things in Google like “weekend getaways from XYZ” or “cool places within three hours of XYZ”

Things to Do Over Spring Break
View of Pittsburgh from Mount Washington

Takes some time over spring break to explore somewhere new nearby! Spend a few days in a nearby city or do a short road trip to a few places!

Have a Staycation

If you’re not interesting in going far at all, threat yourself to a staycation over spring break. Because let’s face it, it’s that time in the semester where you just want a break! So take it! Stay at home and watch some Netflix. Depending on where you are, think about things at home that could make for fun spring break activities. Maybe there’s a new restaurant in the next town over or there’s a state park you’ve never visited. Take advantage of the time you have to visit somewhere new near home. It’s easy to say, “Home is so boring, there’s nothing to do in this town.” But you never know, there might be something new hiding there that’s worth exploring!