What To Pack In Your Travel Day Bag

Simplifying Your Makeup and Skincare Routine For Travel

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When preparing for your next trip, packing is probably the biggest and most daunting task. A lot of travel blogs about packing will tell you to leave your makeup and beauty essentials at home if you want to save space in your luggage. Or they say, if you bring all of your makeup, you’ll only wear it once because you won’t have time for your usual routine. But, it’s completely possible to simplify your beauty and skincare routine for travel! This guide will help you pick what beauty products to pack for your next trip!

So, here’s my list of beauty essentials and tips for traveling.

Makeup and Skincare Routine for Travel

Think About What Makeup and Beauty Products You Use Every Day

Which products do you use on a regular basis? For some, this can be a long list (like me). But instead of bringing every single one, bring the ones you can’t go without.

I want to preface this post by saying that travel is a great opportunity to embrace your natural skin too! If you want to say screw the makeup and go all-natural for your travels, go for it! Who knows, maybe your skin will love it and you’ll feel amazing without it!

Pack One Makeup Bag

Before you start grabbing makeup to pack, have one makeup bag picked out that you’re going to bring. If it doesn’t fit in the bag, don’t pack it. And don’t keep picking a bigger bag to make everything fit! Resist the urge girl, you can do it. We love the Vera Bradly makeup bags because they’re lined and can fit a lot of stuff while being fashionable.

How to Pack Your Skincare and Makeup

When packing your skincare and makeup, it’s really important that you pack in properly so it doesn’t make a mess in your bag. If you’re packing in a carry-on, you’ll have to make sure that all of your products are TSA ready. Have them visible in some way (ie not in an opaque bag), we really like these that are plastic and see-through. Also, check the volumes of your products so they aren’t over the volume limit! If they are, consider buying travel-sized products, or dispense your products into other plastic bottles like these.  We like these options because they are reusable plastic containers instead of single-use!

Vera Bradley 4 piece organizer

If you’re not packing in a carry-on, you won’t have to worry about the sizes of your products, but you’ll still have to make sure they don’t leak everywhere!

When you’re touring and doing activities all day while traveling, you might want to pack some beauty products in your day bag.

Don’t Pack it!

Here’s a list of things right off the bat you shouldn’t bother packing for travel:

  • Primer
  • Lashes
  • Bronzer/highlighter
  • Blush
  • Color corrector
  • Setting spray

I made this list thinking about the things that I don’t use regularly when I’m at home. If I don’t use it at home, I won’t use it while traveling! These are things that can be easily omitted from a routine without ruining your look unless you’re planning on doing full glam every day!

BB Cream vs. Foundation

This is a judgment call on your part. If you struggle with acne, redness, discoloration,  bring your foundation for more coverage. But if you’re fine with natural, light coverage, invest in or bring a BB cream. BB creams are great because they provide light coverage, sunscreen, color correction over time, and moisture to your skin. Instead of bringing your entire bottle of foundation, get a small reusable lotion jar and add a small amount. I like to travel with my BB cream and concealer because it provides the coverage I need without needing setting powders and foundation. I personally love the Maybelline BB Cream and it’s very affordable!


With my lovely dark circles, my concealer cannot be left at home. But I skip the color corrector. If you don’t have redness or discoloration, you can get away with not packing the concealer. This is a simplified routine ladies. My favorite concealer is the Tarte Marajuca Creaseless Concealer.

Beauty Blenders and Tools

As someone with a lot of makeup tools, it is hard to pick which ones were worth bringing. If I could only bring one tool, it would be a beauty blender or sponge. I can use it for applying foundation, concealer, BB cream, and powders. And if I lose it, it’s not a big loss, especially since I buy the cheaper, off-brand blenders.

Single Eye Shadows

If you know you’ll be going out or visiting somewhere formal, it’s worth bringing a small eyeshadow palette or a few single shadows. Bring shadows that are versatile, like nudes and earth tones. This way you have colors that can match any outfit and that can be taken from day to night. If you’re bringing shadow, only bring one brush. I like my blending brush or crease brush because it can be used for a versatile application.

Mascara or Eyeliner

If I could only pick either mascara or eyeliner, I would pick mascara. The few times I traveled I brought eyeliner and never used it, so pick either one or the other to pack!

The Brows

This depends on your natural brows. I can go without filling my brows in, but I can’t go without tweezers. Pick a brow product like the Elf Cosmetics two in one brow tool, where you have the spoolie brush and stick in one tool. And it takes up no space!


I personally don’t bring lipstick, instead, I bring a tinted chapstick. With a tinted chapstick, I get a bit of color and the moisture I need. Let’s be real, having chapped lips is the worst so don’t forget packing some!

It might sound like you’ll be packing a lot, but this guide covers the basics without any, “Oh I wish I brought that” moments. The big take away of this guide is to minimize what you use daily and converting your usual routine into a condensed one. Who knows, you might like the minimal approach better!

Moisturizers and Face Wash

Don’t skip bringing your moisturizers. During travel, your skin is going to be experiencing different environments and weather. Your skin will definitely need them after flying on a plane. I personally love the First Aid Beauty or Belif face washes and moisturizers.

Other Products to Pack

If you’re ok with hotel shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, you won’t have to worry about packing those beauty products. Again, remember to pack them right! For us, we can’t leave for a trip without a nail kit because it seems like we always need one when we don’t have it!

  • Deodorant
  • Body Washes
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Nail kit