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Romantic Travel Destinations in Europe for Any Type of Couple

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The holiday of love: Valentine’s Day!

Spending Valentine’s Day at home with your honey is always fun, but there are lots of places in the world that can be considered THE romantic destination. We thought about the places we visited in Europe and made a list of the ones we thought would be the top romantic travel destinations in Europe.

Origins of Valentine’s Day

The origins of Valentine’s day are little rough and still speculated. It’s said that Valentine’s Day has its origins in ancient Rome…

Roman Forum

But seriously, what didn’t the Romans come up with???

In ancient Rome, the days around February 14th were Lupercalia was celebrated. This was basically as holiday were everyone gets drunk and find someone to go home with because “Let’s celebrate fertility!”  Over time, Valentine’s Day became associated with the Western Christian feast day for the martyr named Valentine. Apparently, the Romans (again) executed Saint Valentine on February 14th. Another theory claims February 14th was chosen by the church to reduce the Pagan and explicit association of the day from the Lupercalia festival.

Our modern Valentine’s Day traditions appear to come from the poet Chaucer and his works associated Valentine’s Day with romance and spring. Either way, Valentine’s Day today is a day to celebrate those special to you!

List of top romantic travel destinations in Europe!

Paris, France: for the classic romantic

This one is probably the most obvious and stereotypical one, but there are actually a lot more romantic things to do in Paris besides kiss under the Eiffel Tower. Yes, still visit the Eiffel Tower, but check out some of these other romantic things to do in Paris. If you’re feeling super romantic, see a Cabaret show! We saw Nouvelle Eve instead of the classic Moulin Rouge.

Eiffel Tower

Go for a walk in a park, have a nice dinner, treat yourselves to some luxury shopping! But here’s one thing you shouldn’t do: put a lock on the love lock bridge. Why? Putting locks on bridges is actually a huge concern for the safety and maintenance of the historic bridges in Paris. The weight of the locks can damage the supporting railings. One of the bridges had to be closed for awhile to fix the damage. If you want to leave a mark of your love in Paris, find another way to do it!

Musee L'Orangerie

If your museum lovers, skip the crowds at the Louvre and visit Musee de L’Orangerie to see Monet’s Water Lilies. The soft and colorful ambiance will create a romantic atmosphere.

Rome, Italy: For the other classic romantic

If you’re not feeling the romance in France, maybe you’ll like the romance in Rome! Rome has it’s own romantic energy to it. People are friendly, the language sounds beautiful, and the couples are extremely affectionate, so have no fear on the PDA. All while being surrounded by some of the most amazing historic sights in the world and quaint, narrow, cobblestoned streets.

Pantheon Rome

If you’re foodies, this is the place for you! Gelato, pizza, pasta, gourmet dishes, the dive bars that have awesome food; you can find it all there. Have a romantic dinner or lunch! Check out our guide for places to in Rome here!

Romantic destinations in Europe

Romantic destinations in europe

London, UK: For the “we need options” couple

London has every option you could probably think of when it comes to romantic things to do. There are great restaurants, museums, historical sites, theatre shows, and romantic places to visit in London. If you’re the type of couple that wants all of the options, visit London! Depending on your flavor, you’ll be able to find something fitting to do for Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Destinations in EuropeTower Bridge London

Engelberg, Switzerland: For the outdoor lovers

Engelberg was absolutely beautiful in the summer when we visited, we can’t imagine how amazing it is covered in snow during February! If you like winter, the outdoors, and cozy ski lodges, visit Engelberg! Imagine being cuddled up with your loved one, in a cute winter ski lodge, with the snow falling around you, sounds perfect right?

Engelberg SwitzerlandEngelberg Switzerland

Eguisheim, France: For the honeymoon you never had

This was by far the cutest, fairytale village in Europe we have visited! Eguisheim, France is a French village right out of a fairytale, which makes it perfect for “the honeymoon you never had” destination. Located in the heart of the Alsace region, this village is full of restaurants, shops, and delicious wine. If you’re looking for a more laid back, relaxing, honeymoon-type, destination, visit Eguisheim!

Eguisheim FranceEguisheim FranceEguisheim France

Where have you traveled to for Valentine’s Day?

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