Promptly Travel Journal Review: Documenting Your Travel Memories

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Are you looking for a new travel journal to take with you while you explore? Learn about why we love the Promptly Travel Journal for documenting our travel memories!

What are Promptly Journals?

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Promptly Journals are a collection of guided journals that are designed to inspire reflection and make journaling effortless. Promptly Journals offers a range of journals including:

  • Self-care
  • Healing
  • Seasonal memories
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Gratitude
  • And more!

Promptly Journals is a mom-and-women-owned brand!

The Promptly Travel Journal:

The Promptly Travel Journal is designed to document each stage of your trip with relevant questions and prompts to guide your reflection. It allows you to document your entire travel experience from start to finish so that you can remember all the details! The covers are either linen or leatherette bound and come in a range of beautiful colors. One journal covers a single trip for up to 31 days!


In the planning section, you write about how you planned for your trip! We really like this section because often we forget how we went about planning our adventures. There are so many details that need to be worked out before you leave, so having all of these documented is great in case you want to visit somewhere again or if you make a mistake in your planning!


The itinerary pages include space for writing out your itinerary for up to 31 days!


The experiences section of the Promptly Travel Journal is where you will journal your day-to-day travel memories! This section includes pages where your document specific travel “moments.” Here, you can add a photo and fill in the questions about why this moment was special and memorable. Additionally, there is space for documenting the highlights of your trip, including your favorite sites, shops, souvenirs, and hidden gems.

There are also pages for writing accommodation and restaurant reviews!

Travel Companions

In this space, write about the people you traveled with!

Mementos and Photos

The mementos and photos section is one of our favorite sections in the Promptly Travel Journal because it’s where you can insert photos and other paper souvenirs from your trip. Think of this section as the “mini scrapbooking” space!


The takeaways section is one of the most reflective parts of the journal. Here is where you reflect on all the things you experience on your trip, both the good and the bad! Take some time after your trip to reflect on the things you enjoyed on your trip and observations about the local culture. There is also space to reflect on the things you learned, what surprised you about the place, and whether would you visit again.

How to use the Promptly Travel Journal

Start using your Promptly Travel Journal as soon as you start planning for your trip! Document the planning stages, then pack it along with you while you’re traveling! After you come home, don’t forget to fill out the Takeaways section.

Why we love the Promptly Travel Journal

We love the Promptly Travel Journal because it provides more introspection than other guided journals. The questions in the journal encourage you to reflect on more of your trip than just the itinerary. Cultural experiences are really important to us when we travel, so we like how there are questions about culture in this journal!

We also really like how the journal includes space for adding photos or other paper mementos. When we travel, we often like to save tickets or brochures from our activities and adventures. We tend to bring these items home, but then we never scrapbook them! The Promptly Travel Journal is a great way to do some simple scrapbooking and journaling without the pressure of a traditional scrapbook.

Promptly Journals are made from high-quality paper, so you don’t have to worry about your pen bleeding through to the next page! The one feature we like about the Travel Journal is how slim the journal is so that it can be easily packed away during an adventure!

All in all, the Promptly Travel Journal is incredibly easy to use and makes travel journaling fun!

Where can I buy the Promptly Travel Journal?

Promptly Journals can be purchased directly from the website. Get free shipping on all orders $50+ with code FREESHIP!

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