How to Select an EF Ultimate Break Trip: EF Semi-Annual Sale Guide

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Considering group travel with EF Ultimate Break? Read more to learn about how to pick the perfect trip for you during their Semi-Annual Sale!

Yay, we’re happy you found this post! Because we’re here to help you decide which EF Ultimate Break trip you should book! With summer rapidly approaching, now is a good time to get your summer travel plans in order! And it’s the best time to book an EF Ultimate Break trip because their semi-annual sale is one of the year’s best sales!

EF Ultimate Break offers a diverse range of tours, from short-term Euro trips to adventuring in Costa Rica to exploring Asia, so there’s certainly a trip for everyone! Throughout the year, EF offers a range of sales and who doesn’t love a good discount on travel!? The semi-annual sale is only here until February 29th!

Having traveled with EF since 2014, we have visited more than a dozen countries and logged months of travel with the company. Our first two trips were through EF College Study, which you can learn more about in this post! We then explored 12 cities and 7 countries in 30 days with EF Ultimate Break’s Grand Tour of Europe trip and loved it. We’ve had nothing but a positive experience traveling with them!

If you’re ready to book your next epic trip with EF Ultimate Break this summer, keep reading to decide which trip is perfect for you!

Pick Your Next EF Ultimate Break Adventure: Everything You Need to Know about the EF Semi-Annual Sale

Why EF Ultimate Break?

EF is perfect for you if you want to see the world without the hassle of planning. EF Ultimate Break offers young adults aged 18 to 29 an opportunity to travel affordably across the globe. Group travel is a great way to comfortably explore new places and meet new people. Traveling with a group of 30 other young adults and a skilled tour director will give you (and your loved ones!) peace of mind while traveling.

If you’re still on the fence about traveling with EF, read our full review of EF.

All the EF Ultimate Break Semi-Annual Sale Details!

EF Ultimate Break’s semi-annual sale that offers fabulous deals with hundreds of dollars off the regular tour price! EF Ultimate Break offers trips with costs just below $2000! The EF Ultimate Break semi-annual sale runs from February 13th to the 29th. So, if you’re looking to get a great deal on a summer getaway, you should book now because these prices won’t return until after the summer!

Summer is a great time to travel with EF because, in most places, the weather will be beautiful, you probably have off from school or more vacation time, and you’ll have the most flexibility with selecting tour dates. In the summer, most tours are offered multiple times a month.

Best EF Ulitmate Break Semi-Annual Sale Discounts

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Here are some of the best deals going on right now for the EF Ultimate Break Semi Annual Sale! 

Best Europe Trip Discounts 

Best Asia Trip Discounts 

Best South and Central America Discounts 

Best Africa Discounts 

Cheapest EF Ultimate Break Trips during the Semi-Annual Sale – All Less than $2500!

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Trips for Every Travel Style

EF Ultimate Break offers tours in almost every continent (sorry, Antarctica!) and for a range of travel styles. Enjoy going on an adventure? EF will take you trekking through the Swiss Alps. Want to be in Germany during Oktoberfest? Yep, book it here! Spend over a month in Europe? Yeah, we did it with EF. So, needless to say, one of the things we love about EF is the trip diversity. Here are some of the types of trips you can book with EF Ultimate Break!

Epic Euro

With trips ranging from 15 to 49 days, you can experience Europe like never before. Take the Grand Tour of Europe like we did and see 12 cities in 7 countries. Highlights of Europe is a slightly shorter version of the Grand Tour, while Ultimate Europe is a slightly longer version that includes Greece and more of Germany. European Summer meanders along the coast of the Mediterranean are great for anyone who loves the sun and sand. Backpacker’s Europe is the longest trip, skipping Greece for Eastern Europe and more of Italy, southern France, and the Iberian Peninsula.

Short Breaks

Want to explore new places but have adulting to do at home? These short breaks are all 9 days and under, perfect for if you work or go to school full time. Escape to Greece, Iceland, and several places in Great Britain. EF offers three trips, including a visit to London and one other destination, including Paris, Dublin, and Scotland.

Essential Europe

Explore some of Europe’s most incredible destinations on these 8 – 12-day trips. You can start by selecting a region you would like to explore, like Great Britain, Scandinavia, Central Europe, or the Iberian Peninsula, and browsing all the exciting trips. You may want to explore the capitals of London, Scotland, and Ireland, take a Spanish road trip, or hop planes between the beautiful cities in Scandinavia. On the other hand, you might want to check off a few major cities all at once, so a trip to London, Paris, and Rome may be the perfect fit.

Festivals and Events

Celebrate with the locals on these fun trips. Enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations across Ireland, party with great food and music at the La Tomatina Festival in Spain, and raise a glass in Munich Biergarten for Oktoberfest. Since these trips are limited to only a few dates a year, book quickly if you want this experience!

Safari and Wildlife

Marvel at the wonders of nature on these exciting wildlife expeditions. In Tanzania and Zanzibar, you will visit Serengeti National Park, the world’s largest crater, travel to tropical islands, and meet members of the Maasai Tribe in their village. In Kenya, you will visit Maasai Mara National Park, hang out with giraffes at a conservation center, explore wilderness areas, and visit the city of Nairobi. On the other side of the world, visit Ecuador and the Galapagos for tropical beaches, mountains, and jungles filled with wildlife, tour a cocoa plantation, and snorkel in island waters.

Sun and Sand

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an adventure-filled island exploration, there are plenty of seaside trips for you to indulge in. From the historic Greek islands to the action-packed beaches of Australia and New Zealand, from a Croatian cruise to a Caribbean adventure, and the ancient ruins of Belize to the modern cabanas of Bali, there is no shortage of beaches to explore with EF.

Adventure Seekers

Nature lovers and thrill-seekers have no shortage of trips with EF. These trips take you through some of the world’s richest natural landscapes and fascinating manmade destinations. Take breathtaking hikes through the Alps, explore the lost city of the Incas at Macchu Picchu, snorkel and whitewater raft in the Dominican Republic, hike the green ridges and stunning cliffs of Ireland, and explore the waterfalls and glaciers of Iceland.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, take the epic 57-day Ultimate Earth trip, where you will literally go around the world exploring the culture, history, and beauty of five continents.

In-Depth Explorers

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of one country on these in-depth explorations. These trips will give you the chance to learn customs, try foods, practice languages, and broaden your perspective of a place. See wonders of the ancient world in Turkey, explore the “golden triangle” of India, discover the modern cities and timeless traditions of Japan, eat and drink your way through the Italian countryside, and time travel to the Egyptian pyramids. Try longer “ultimate” trips to Italy and the Greek Islands to get the full experience of these incredible places.

EF Ultimate Plus Vs. Essential Trips

EF Ultimate Break recently added two different styles of trips to their catalog. When you’re browsing trips on their website, you’ll see a designation of either plus or essential next to the trip. The essential trips are their standard trips, including everything you would typically get on an EF Ultimate Break tour. The plus trips, on the other hand, offered a premium and luxury experience. The EF Ultimate Break plus trips include a double room with a roommate of your choice, additional meals, and higher star-rated accommodations. Plus trips are great if you’re traveling with a close friend or a partner or if you want more privacy. Because you are paying for a single room and more meals, typically, these trips have a higher cost compared to the essential trips.

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How to Book a Trip with EF Ultimate Break

Hopefully, by now, you have an idea of where you want to go with EF Ultimate Break! So what now? Booking with EF is suuuupppperrr easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Make an account on EF Ultimate Break’s website
  2. Select your trip
  3. Select your departure location
  4. Select your trip add ons!
    • If you don’t add the excursions or activities at booking, you can add them later!
  5. Decide if you want to add insurance
    • Trip insurance provides you coverage in the event that you can not go on the trip due to serious illness, family emergency, or any other serious event that prevents you from going on the trip. EF’s travel insurance includes coverage if flights are canceled or delayed and if your baggage is damaged or stolen during the trip. It also covers you if you need to visit a doctor during your tour.
  6. Select the trip date
  7. Click book!

This will take you to a landing page where you can submit the $150 downpayment and set up automatic monthly payments. Once you submit your payment, your spot is locked in! If you change your mind about the trip, you have 24 hours to cancel for a full refund.

If you book with our referral link, you get $100 off your next EF Ultimate Break trip! You must click this link and proceed to booking or the code will not be applied! Come back to this page and click through the link if you have issues.

What Happens After I Book with EF Ultimate Break?

After booking a trip with EF Ultimate Break, familiarize yourself with your trip portal. You’ll be visiting is often! First, you’ll have a task list on your profile. Before your trip departure, you will want to have all these boxes checked! You can see a sample of what this list looks like below.

Who’s Ready To Book Their Next Adventure with EF Ultimate Break?!

Hopefully, by now, you have a pretty good idea of which EF Ultimate Break trip you want to go on! Don’t forget that the EF semi-annual sale is going on until February 27, so grab an awesome deal on your trip!