A Day Trip to Eguisheim: Discover a Fairytale Village in France

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Want to feel like you’re walking through a fairytale? Visit the Alsace Region of rural France.

Walking into the Eguisheim, France, we instantly felt like we were in a fairytale. This traditional, rural French village in the Alsace Region has been voted as the best village to visit in France for its wine, quaint atmosphere, and historic charm. The Alsace Region of France is a cultural and historical region in eastern France, nestled next to Germany and Switzerland. Because of its location, Alsace features architectural and cultural influences from all three countries.

Eguisheim is easily walkable with shops, restaurants, churches, and simple staples of any community. Eguisheim is located just down the road from the more popular Colmar, which also features the timbered buildings and charming atmosphere. If you want to visit both Colmar and Eguisheim consider touring the Alsace region by bike!

Eguisheim is sure to make you feel like you walked right into a fairytale! Here is how we spend our one day in Eguisheim, France.

A Fairytale Village in Alsace France: Eguisheim

One Day in Eguisheim France

The half-timbered, colorful buildings, flowers, and surrounding countryside capture the beauty of rural France. The village is not overrun by tourists, making you feel at home and relaxed. In May of 2013, it was voted the Favorite French Village in all of France!

Exploring Grand Rue Eguisheim


As you walk down Grand Rue, the main street of Eguisheim you’ll start to feel like you’re in a fairytale! With all of the colorful, half-timbered buildings and flowers, this village is incredibly picturesque! So much so that we didn’t edit any of these photos!

Take in the Architecture and Beauty of Eguisheim

If you’re interested in exploring more fairytale locations, visit this post by Pip and the City for more!  Europe is full of beautiful castles and villages that are storybook-worthy.


Explore Saint Leo’s Square and Learn About Eguisheim’s History

After you make your way down Grand Rue, you’ll come upon Saint Leo’s Square which features some of Eguisheim’s historic highlights. In this square, you can a Renaissance fountain with a statue honoring Pope Leo IX (who was born here in Eguisheim!).


You’ll also see The Chateau de Saint Leon a historic castle dating back to 720 AD. The castle was constructed by Count Eberhard, Duke of Alsace, and his nephew of St. Odile. The town of Eguisheim actually outward from this castle, making it the literal heart of the town. There is archeological evidence suggesting this region was occupied by human civilization as far back as the Paleolithic period!


Photograph the Castle of Counts

The photo below is actually a top photo location in Eguisheim. We honestly had no idea! This spot is called the Castle of Counts!


A Highlight of Alsace: The Wine

Around every corner, there was something beautiful to see! Since the Alsace region is known for its wine, definitely give it a try! The Alsace Wine Route is a 170km stretch featuring over 70 villages and countless wineries. The Alsace wine trail is the oldest wine trail in Europe! Ancient Romans were the first to plant vineyards here in Eguisheim during the fourth century! Throughout the year, the wine trail hosts wine festivals and harvest festival events. The peak tourist season is from May to October.


Find the Storks

The Alsace region is known for its population of white storks. You can see one of their nests on top of the bell tower of the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the photo below! In August, there is an annual stork and wine festival in the community!


Where to stay in Eguisheim

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