Everywhere Forward Has Been Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

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Last month, we were surprised with a lovely email from Sydney as A World in Reach telling us we were nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! We were SO SUPRISED and flattered that we were selected to be part of a supportive blogging community. Thank you so much!

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine BloggerAward is a blogger-recognized award! It’s given to new bloggers by their fellow bloggers. Bloggers that are nominated for the Sunshine Blogging Award are nominated for their ability to inspire positivity, creativity, and joy in the blogging community! Needless to say, it made our day when we received the nomination!

What Do I Do After I’m Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Once you’re nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, you have to follow some easy rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide them a link back to their blog on yours.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you! Lastly, nominate 11 new bloggers and come up with a list of 11 questions for them to answer on their own blog!
3. Display the rules and the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo on your website

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what trip would you take first?

If we won the lottery tomorrow, we would buy a one-way ticket to Europe and explore all of the places on our European bucket list, particularly Eastern Europe!

What’s the craziest food you’ve tried on your travels?

Honestly, we aren’t the most adventurous with food, so we don’t really have crazy food itself that we tried. But we have a “crazy” (and fun), food experience that was unique! When we visited the Coca Cola Experience Museum in Atlanta Georgia, we sampled over 100 Coca Cola soda products!

Is there anywhere you’ve been that you wouldn’t want to return to? Why?

During our Grand Tour of Europe trip, we visited many cities just for an afternoon to get a taste of what they were like. One day, we visited Monaco, and it was very underwhelming. The three hour stop was enough! For us, casinos and luxury lifestyles aren’t our things, we couldn’t relate to the local culture and tourism!

If you could go on a trip with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be?

Anthony Bourdain. He and his legacy continue to make travel about experiencing cultures. That is our favorite aspect of travel.

What is your favorite story to tell from your travels?

One of our favorite stories is how we ended up walking down half of the Effiel Tower at night! We didn’t feel like waiting for the elevator so we thought, “Let’s just walk!” Not only was it a long walk, but it was also honestly scary since it was windy, dark, and a long walk!

Planes, trains, boats, buses, or cars?

We prefer to travel by plane if a road trip would be longer than 5 hours. For traveling within the United States, getting around by car is quite easy, however, it can be a long drive so we prefer to fly!

What is on your long-term travel bucket list that you hope to accomplish?

In the future, we would like to travel more to the western half of the United States to see the top National Parks including the Grand Canyon, Redwood Forest, Yosemite, or Yellowstone, to name a few. Internationally, we would love to visit Eastern Europe including Germany, Poland, Prague, and Austria and Central America including Belize and Costa Rica.

Do you collect any souvenirs from your travels?

One of our favorite things to collect from our travels is locally crafted pieces, such as jewelry, or artwork! We love supporting local businesses while we travel and having a nice piece to admire after we arrive home.

Checked or carry-on luggage? (Or both?)

If the trip is short, we prefer carry-on luggage! During our last long haul trip (6 weeks!) we tried to use the carry-on only strategy and it didn’t turn out too well! We ended up with little to no space left for souvenirs!

Do you have any trips planned? If not, where do you hope to go next?

Our next travel destination is to New York City, New York! The last time we went to NYC was over 10 years ago so we are looking forward to going back!

What is the top travel tip that you wish you knew on your first trip?

Our first trip aside from family vacations was to Rome, Italy! We personally wish we would have done more research about the history and culture of the destination before we arrived. It would have been nice to have more background on Rome prior to going on tours so we could have a greater appreciation for what we were seeing!

Our Sunshine Blogger Award Nominations

We love LOVE to nominate the following bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. Habiiba of Live with Habiba
  2. Anwesha of Going Places with Anwesha
  3. Joanne and John of Sunsets and Rollercoasters
  4. Mindy of Mindy on the Move
  5. Martha of Quirky Globetrotter
  6. Annalisa Travel Connect Experience
  7. Rae of Raescape
  8. Wendy and Jason of Empty Nesters Hit the Road
  9. Caitlyn of With Caitlyn 
  10. Ženja and Anders of Bearly Here
  11. Heather of Raulers on Girl Travel

Our Sunshine Blogger Award Questions

1. What destination is at the top of your bucket list right now?
2. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your travels?
3. Are you a full-time blogger? If, so what advice do you have for other full-time bloggers? If not, how do you balance work-blogger life?
4. Are you a traveling foodie, museum-lover, photographer, family travelers, or sight-seer? Or none of the above?!
5. What inspired you to become a travel blogger?
6. Share your favorite travel photo and tell us why!
7. Have you been to a destination that disappointed you? Why did it disappoint?
8. Where is your favorite place to travel?
9. Where are you traveling next?
10. What is your favorite part about traveling?
11. Where was the first place you ever traveled to?

We can’t wait to see the answers to our questions and get to know you!

Thank you so much A World in Reach We really appreciate that you thought of us and our blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

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