Eating Vegetarian in Madrid

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Artemisa: A Vegetarian Restaurant in Madrid

Overall: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 4/5

Location: 5/5

Artemisa Madrid

While in Madrid, we wanted to go out for a nice dinner! Sometimes, it’s hard to find a good vegetarian friendly restaurant. Thankfully, in Europe it’s not as hard as in the United States! Simply searching vegan or vegetarian on Yelp yields lots of results, which was very refreshing!

We decided to eat at Artemisa, a vegetarian restaurant in Madrid. There are two locations for Artemisa; one at Grand Via and Huerta. We went to the one at Grand Via, near the main shopping street of Madrid. This was convenient because we wanted to go shopping afterwards.

The decor in the restaurant was absolutely beautiful. The walls were painted with murals of Greek structures, which is only appropriate given the name of the restaurant is after a Greek goddess. The entire menu was vegetarian AND gluten free, which was a great bonus since I’m gluten free.

Artemisa Madrid Eating vegetarian in Madrid Vegetarian restaurants in madrid Vegetarian restaurants in madrid

I got an eggplant lasagna and Pam got the tofu stir fry! Both plates were very delicious and filling! The flavors in the dishes were very pronounced. We were the only one’s in the restaurant at the time, which make service very fast. Our waiter was very accommodating and spoke English, although I did get to practice some of my Spanish with him!

Artemisa Madrid

If you’re in Madrid and you’re looking for a filling vegetarian and gluten free meal, visit Artemisa! You will not be disappointed!