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We were born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania in a small town known for being the home of Rolling Rock, Arnold Palmer, and Mister Rogers! Any guesses? Correct Answer: Latrobe!


Since we're from Pennsylvania, we have spent LOTS of time exploring what PA has to offer. As travel bloggers, it's easy to forget that people might be visiting your hometown region from out of town, out of state, or even from out of the country! So we've dedicated a significant portion of our blog to Pennsylvania content. Why not write about the places we know best? With a local perspective, we're here to provide you with everything you need to know about our home state, particularly the southwestern region! In our guides, we include the top things to do in cities and towns across Pennsylvania.


Where Do You Want to Travel in Pennsylvania?


When people think of PA, most people either think of Pittsburgh or Philadelphia and then everything in between is mountains and Amish Country. Pennsylvania is a really unique state in the sense that you can experience so much that you can't find in other states. We experience all 4 seasons, so we have things to do during every season. Pennsylvania is one of the oldest states, so it's rich in American history with historic sites, museums, and national parks. We have a beach in Erie. And PA is quite accessible through driving, the Amtrak passenger train system, and multiple major airports in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. So where in Pennsylvania would you like to go?!




Read more about some of the top cities in Pennsylvania!


Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is Pennsylvania's westernmost major city. Over the decades, Pittsburgh has undergone a transformation from an industrial city coated with smog to a growing innovation hub for medicine, higher education, and business. In Pittsburgh, there are tons of fun things to do from museums to sporting events to unique foods.


Philadelphia: Philadelphia, the nation's city of brotherly love, is one to one of the United States' most notable National Parks, Independence Park. Philadelphia has a rivalry with Pittsburgh in terms of city loyalty and sports, but both cities have unique things to offer.


Erie: Erie is a special city in Pennsylvania because it is home to Pennsylvania's only beach! In Erie, you can visit the beach, visit the wine trail, and see minor league sporting events.e default text here

Small Towns


Read more about some of the best small towns and communities in Pennsylvania!


Latrobe: We're from Latrobe Pennsylvania! Latrobe gets its fame from being the hometown of Fred Rogers of Mister Roger's Neighborhood, the Hall of Fame Golfer Arnold Palmer, and the banana split! Latrobe is a quaint small town located an hour east of Pittsburgh with lots of local history and outdoor activities.


Ligonier: Ligonier, located in heart of the Laurel Highlands, has been voted one of the top small towns in the country! This little town full of local restaurants, shopping, and historic sites is surrounding by some of the best hiking in the region.


Somerset: Somerset County is home to one of PA's National Parks, the Flight 93 Memorial, museums, and local wine. Somerset is located in the heart of the mountains, making it a great remote destination for visitors


Laurel Highlands: The Laurel Highlands is a region of southwestern Pennsylvania composed of Fayette County, Somerset County, and Westmoreland County. The Laurel Highlands is noted for its outdoor activities like state parks, winter and summer resorts, historic sites, museums, and unique destinations.

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