Creative Ways to Travel Without Leaving Your Hometown

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Learning about some awesome ways to experience travel without leaving home.

During this time of quarantine and extended periods of time at home, traveling is very challenging and near impossible. Even if you aren’t able to travel, you can experience the feelings and joys of travel without leaving your hometown! Thanks to social media, the internet, and some creativity, you can experience travel without leaving home.

How to Experience Travel Without Leaving Home

1. Virtual Museum Tours ⁠

Internet and technology has allowed museums and other culture sites to come to your living room through virtual tours! Free virtual tours are a great way to experience your favorites places and new places without having to leave home.

2. Stay Connected Online with your Favorite Museums, Attractions, and Zoos

Because of national lockdowns, many local attractions, museums, zoos, musicians, and other cultural organizations began to use social media in creative ways to connect with their communities and patrons. Not only did social media become more social, but it provided more people with access to these sites. If you didn’t follow them on social media before, give your favorite places a follow and keep an eye out for online events, live streams, and other virtual activities!

3. Take a Virtual Tour of a National Park

Many of the National Parks in the United States have uploaded virtual tours onto their website! Choose one that you haven’t visited yet and learn some history!

4. Have a Culture Theme Night at Home

If you want to experience another culture in the comfort of your own home, consider having a culture theme night. Plan your night by picking a country you love, or that you want to visit, and choose a meal and activity that matches the culture of the country! Take some time to learn something new about the country and culture and bring it into your own home through food and activities.

5. Cook and Try New Foods⁠

Food is one of the best ways to experience new cultures and places. Even if you can’t leave your home, you can cook and order foods from other cultures to make you feel like you’re traveling.

6. Practice a New Language on Duolingo⁠

One way to feel like your away from home is to try speaking another language! Consider downloading a language learning app like Duolingo to help you learn a new language. Not only will this give you a taste of travel, it will help you prepare for you next trip where you will need to speak another language.

7. Do a Self-guided Local Walking Tour

Whether you think you’ve seen everything in your hometown, take to Google and search for unique and different things to visit around your home. You never know what you might find! Look for historical markers, memorials, statues, and parks. Consider downloading the app Clio to learn more about attractions and local history around you. On the app, you can see if there are local self-guided tours near you.

8. Exploring New Parks and Hiking Trails

Exploring somewhere new, even if it’s not far from home, is a great way to feel the same excitement you get with travel. One one to experience that feeling is by hiking or finding a new park of

9. Scrapbook and Go Through Photos

One way to experience travel without leaving your hometown is by reliving your past travels by scrapbooking and going through photos! Scrapbooking kits, memory boxes, and photo collages are great ways to display and preserve your travel memories

10. Go to Local Cultural Events

If you live near a city or area with local history and tourism, you should be able to find local cultural events and activities. These can include living history reenactments, historical society events, food and art events, and cultural festivals. Going to these events is a great way to experience culture without going far from home.

11. Plan Your Next Trip

Even if you can’t travel right now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan your next trip and browse travel inspiration on Pinterest! Download our weekend getaway planning guide and get started planning your next trip! Take the time to bookmark all those hotels and Airbnbs you’ve been looking at and think about where your next destination will be!

12. Watch Your Favorite Travel Themed Movies, TV shows, and YouTube Channels

One way to feed wanderlust is to watch your favorite travel-themed movies, tv shows, and YouTube channels!

13. Update Your Bucket List

For us, we’re constantly browsing Pinterest and thinking about our next trips, so take some time to add new places to your bucket list!