Cotopaxi Bataan del Día Hip Pack Review

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Cotopaxi is a sustainable outdoor gear brand that strives to make “Gear for Good.” We’ve been using the Cotopaxi Bataan del Día fanny pack for years and want to share with you why we chose Cotopaxi over other outdoor brands for fanny packs!

As travelers and hikers, we have a range of bags that we like to use for different settings. We personally love fanny packs for when we only need to carry a few items ,and Cotopaxi fanny packs are perfect for this!

Why buy from Cotopaxi?

Cotopaxi’s mission is to create “Gear for Good.” Cotopaxi makes sustainable outdoor gear that gives back to nonprofit organizations that support humanitarian efforts. Cotopaxi is B Corp certified!

At least 1% of all Cotopaxi’s revenue is allocated to the Cotopaxi Foundation, which contributes funds to nonprofit organizations committed to ending poverty.

Cotopaxi is committed to sustainability and human rights during all supply chain stages: from materials to production to distribution. Cotopaxi’s products are made from unused factory offcuts and materials. And Cotopaxi is a carbon-neutral business! If you have any issues with your Cotopaxi product, they will repair, replace, or refund you!

By shopping from Cotopaxi, you are supporting a carbon-neutral, sustainable brand that is actually putting in work and funds to alleviate poverty and protect the environment. We believe that as a consumer, it’s so important to support brands that are making active contributions to sustainability and protecting human rights!

All Cotopaxi fanny packs are hand-made by creative and hard-working Filipino workers who work in a safe and fair work environment.

Cotopaxi Bataan del Día Hip Pack Review

Now that you know why shopping from Cotopaxi is awesome let’s talk about why their products are awesome! Cotopaxi Bataan del Día hip packs are where simplicity, sustainability, and functionality meet!

The Cotopaxi Bataan de Día fanny pack is Cotopaxi’s simplest fanny pack! This single-pocket hip pack is made of nylon material that offers durability while being lightweight. The waistband has adjustable straps and a plastic buckle clasp. The waistband can easily be adjusted for all body types. Sometimes we will extend the strap to its largest point and use the bag as a crossbody bag.

The main pocket has two zippers so it can easily be opened and closed without having to fuss with a single zipper.

Cotopaxi Fanny Packs for Hiking and Travel

This fanny pack is perfect for traveling because is easy to pack into a suitcase. And it’s brightly colored so it never gets lost in our bags or while we’re traveling!

Sometimes when we’re going on a quick walk or hike, we don’t feel like we need to bring our whole hiking backpack, so a fanny pack is just enough! Because the pack is so lightweight, is super comfortable when we’re hiking. The nylon material is also very durable for hikes, so we don’t have to worry about the material getting snagged on trees. And it’s water-resistant, so if we get caught in light rain, our items inside stay dry. If it’s a downpour, the material might get soaked through. However, we haven’t had that problem yet.

What can the Cotopaxi Bataan del Día Fanny Pack Hold?

The Bataan fanny pack features two internal mesh pockets for storing smaller items. The hip pack is 3L in size so it’s easily large enough to hold a smartphone, wallet, keys, snacks, or even a small water bottle. Cotopaxi’s fanny packs are great for when you need to carry more than what can fit in your pockets but don’t want to carry a backpack or larger bag. We love taking our Bataan fanny packs when we go for walks and shorter hikes! Cotopaxi Bataan del Día Fanny Pack Colors

Like all of Cotopaxi’s products, the Bataan hip packs come in a range of unique colorways so shopping for the one you love is super fun. All of Cotopaxi’s del Día products are made of a unique, one-of-a-kind so no two are alike!

Cotopaxi Bataan del Día Fanny Pack Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Lightweight, remnant nylon fabric
  • Adjustable webbing strap hip belt
  • Two internal mesh pockets
  • One-of-a-kind Del Día colorway

Dimensions and Sizing

  • Volume: 3L (183cu in)
  • Weight: 4oz (113g)
  • 9 x 5 x 4in.

How much does a Cotopaxi fanny pack cost?

Cotopaxi has a range of fanny packs, not just the Bataan del Día pack! The Bataan del Dia fanny pack retails at $30, while their others range from $45 to $75. The Kapai, Coso, and Allpa hip packs offer more pockets and storage compared to the Bataan del Dia, which is why they’re priced higher.

The Bataan del Día pack is part of Cotopaxi’s (Re)Purpose™ Collection, which uses leftover fabric from other companies’ larger production runs. This also means that the colors available depend on what fabrics Cotopaxi has on hand, and every pack is completely unique!

Cotopaxi’s products are available on Amazon and REI. However, you will not be able to select your color by purchasing through a third-party site. So we recommend purchasing directly from Cotopaxi!

What else can I buy from Cotopaxi?

In addition to an awesome selection of fanny packs, Cotopaxi has a large collection of outwear, including rainjackets, insulated jackets, fleece for both men and women, and clothing from shirts, hoodies, and bottoms. Cotopaxi also carries a range of accessories, including hats, sunglasses, hip packs, water bottles, and more!

If you’re looking for a bag larger than a fanny pack, Cotopaxi has a collection of backpacks, duffle bags, and daypacks. All of these follow in Cotopaxi’s style of being colorful and unique!

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