Clogs, Cheese, and the Perfect Day Trip to Volendam, Netherlands

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Since there is so much to do in Amsterdam, not a lot of people think about taking day trips from Amsterdam. During our month on Grand Tour of Europe trip, we took a day trip from Amsterdam was to a small coastal town called Volendam. If you want to get out of the city and see what a coastal Dutch town is like, take a day trip from Amsterdam to Volendam! It’s only a 30-minute drive away from Amsterdam and gives you a taste of historic Dutch culture. In this post, we’ll discuss the best things to do in Volendam! You can also book a day trip here!

Exploring Volendam in One Day

Volendam Day Trip from Amsterdam

Volendam Netherlands

Irene Hoeve: Clog and Cheese Farm

Here, we visited Irene Hoeve, a clog and cheese farm in Volendam! The farm was constructed two centuries ago and in 1986 it was reconstructed on its original foundation! Today they still make cheese and Dutch Wine. During our tour, we viewed how and where the cheeses are made and got to try some samples. This experience was our favorite thing to do in Volendam!

Address: Hoogedijk 1, 1145PM Katwoude, The Netherlands

Hours: 9AM-6PM, every day, year-round

Irene Hoeve Clogs
Irene Hoeve Clogs

After experiencing the cheese factory, we watched a demonstration of how traditional clogs are made. The clog maker used a specialized saw to cut out the shape of the clog from a solid piece of wet poplar. It was remarkable how quickly he could make the shape of the clog! In the Netherlands, clogs are registered as the national safety shoe for construction workers because of their durability and strength!

Volendam Netherlands
Irene Hoeve Clogs
Irene Hoeve Clogs

And of course, we had to buy some clogs! We ended up carrying them all over Europe, so be ready to have them take up some space in your luggage if you don’t have them shipped home! We also bought wooden tulips, which have made a great centerpiece for our living room!

Explore Volendam on Foot

After our tour of Irene Hoeve, we went into the fishing town of Volendam. Here you can walk along the coast, shop, and eat. In Volendam, you can still see old fishing boats and locals wearing traditional dress. If you want, you can get your photo taken in traditional Dutch dress at a studio! Although some of the shops were a little touristic, it was still a nice place to relax for the afternoon.

Volendam Museum

If you want to learn more about Volendam’s rich history and culture, visit the Volendam Museum! Interestingly, this region of the Netherlands is known for it’s palingsound: a specialized genre of music. You can even visit a museum about it.

Try Herring and Onions

Since Volendam is a fishing town, you can’t visit the town without eating some fish! The Netherlands is known for its herring and onions, so give it a try!

Volendam coast
Day trip from Amsterdam

Volendam is known for its cute little wooden houses like the one pictured! So go for a walk along the Markermeer Lake coast to take in the views!

Take a Boat Trip to Marken

You can also take a boat trip to Marken, nearby village. It’s a 30-min ferry service to the nearby village, and it gives you a chance to be on the water and see another quaint fishing village. In Marken, you can visit the local lighthouse.

Let’s Take a Day Trip to Volendam!

Volendam makes for such a quaint day trip from Amsterdam! We enjoyed our city beak to Volendam and hope this post was helpful in planning your day trip to Volendam.

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