Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack Review for Travel Photographers

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Since we’re always traveling with our camera equipment, we need to have a good camera bag for everything! For us, it was hard to find a good quality camera backpack that offered the same functionality as a traditional backpack while providing supportive storage for our camera equipment. Most camera bags look like camera backpacks (ie, they’re ugly) and offer little space for other personal items, which is less than ideal for regular travelers.

We were so happy when we discovered the Brevite Jumper Backpack! The Brevite Jumper Backpack is one of the most fashionable and functional camera backpacks we’ve seen. In this post, we’re sharing why we love the Jumper Backpack by Brevite for travel photography!

What is Brevite?

Brevite is an American backpack brand that prides itself on creating long-lasting, sustainable backpacks. Brevite gives back to the community and utilizes recycled materials to further their mission.

Why We Love the Brevite Camera Backpack for Travel

Functionality and storage space were two of the most important things for us when selecting a camera bag for travel. When searching for camera backpacks, we found that most bags were specific to only camera equipment. When we’re traveling, we’re carrying our wallets, daily supplies, phones, water bottles, and more, especially while flying. We need to have these items conveniently accessible. Most camera-specific backpacks had no space for other items! We needed a bag that was functional for both travel and photography. It was frustrating taking a camera backpack as our “personal item” when flying. This left us no space for other items we needed during our flight. Or when we traveled with a traditional backpack, it was hard to secure and access our cameras and lenses. When we’re on the do during our travels, we want to have all of our items, including photography equipment, easily accessible.

Thankfully, the Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack was just what we needed!

It’s fashionable and discrete

The Brevite Jumper camera backpack functions as both a backpack and camera bag, while remaining fashionable. When traveling, we don’t like to broadcast that we carry lots of high-value camera equipment. It is very easy for someone to identify a traditional camera bag. So this backpack is more discrete.

It’s functional

Functionality is one of the most important things for us when we’re looking at luggage and other travel bags. We needed a bag that serve as both a backpack or personal item when flying and as a supportive camera bag. The Jumper is designed with photographers in mind!

It’s high Quality and affordable

The Jumper Backpack doesn’t feel cheap! It’s made with a rich, durable material, and it looks very fashionable! In comparison with other high-quality backpacks, we feel the Jumper is fairly priced!

Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack Features

Camera Pocket: The Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack features a large zipper camera pocket that allows you to access your camera easily without digging into the bottom of a backpack. Just unzip, and you can see everything! This compartment is designed specifically with velcro dividers that allow you to configure the space based on the lenses and camera bodies you have.

Quick Access Zipper: One of the nifty features of the Jumper is the quick access side pocket that allows you to easily access a camera or lens from the side of the bag without having to unzip the entire camera compartment.

Top Storage Compartment: The top zipper storage compartment is great for clothing, wallets, and other larger items.

Laptop Pocket: The bag also has a back pocket for a 16-inch laptop!

Waterbottle Pocket: We love that there is a large size waterbottle pocket! We travel with our Yeti Ramblers and some backpacks can’t fit them very well, but the Jumper does!

Hidden Pockets: The Jumper features two hidden pockets, one along the back of the bag and one inside the large top compartment.

Luggage Passthrough: As travellers is important for us to be able to carry our luggage through the airport easily. We love that we can easily slip the Jumper through our luggage handle for easy transport between destinations!

Front storage pocket: The front zipper pocket is perfect for small items!

Tripod carry straps: The tripod carry straps are an awesome feature of the Brevite Jumper because you can easily strap on a tripod to the bag, or you can use it for strapping a jacket, towel, or other item to the bottom of the bag.

Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack Material and Appearance

The other thing we love about this backpack is its durable material. The Jumper is water-resistant, though, and machine washable! We also appreciate that the backpack is a sleek and fashionable look so it’s not obvious we’re carrying around camera equipment! The Jumper is vegan and free from animal products.

Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack FAQs

How much does the Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack cost?

The Brevite Jumper Backpack retails for $169.99 in regular and $189.99 in large.

What’s the difference between the large and regular jumper backpacks?

We also love that Brevite has recently launched two sizes of the Jumper! We have the regular Jumper Backpack, but now it’s offered in large! By upgrading to the large Jumper, you have additional space throughout the entire bag.

How much fits in the Brevite Jumper?

In our regular Brevite Jumper Backpacks, we can fit a DLSR camera body with lens attached and two other lenses with ease! When we have smaller items like memory card holders and batteries, they can fit in this pocket as well!

Is the Brevite Jumper Camera Backpack waterproof?

The Jumper Backpack is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. Brevite also sells a backpack rain cover to protect your precious camera equipment if caught in a downpour!

What other products does Brevite offer?

In addition to its collection of Camera Backpacks, Brevite creates laptop backpacks and other small bags and accessories. Check out their laptop collection and accessories as well!

Does Brevite offer a warranty?

Brevite offers a lifetime warranty on all its products.

How do I care for a Brevite Backpack?

The Brevite Jumper Backpack is machine washable!

Where Can I Buy the Jumper Backpack?

You can shop for the Jumper either through the Brevite website or on Amazon. The backpack comes in a range of colors!

Brevite Jumper Backpack Review Conclusions

Overall, we love the Brevite Jumper camera backpack for our travel needs! This backpack is great for photographers who travel to their shoot destinations. It’s also great as an everyday camera backpack as well. We’ve been using the Jumper for the past several years as a primary camera backpack, and at this point, we have no intention of looking for something new! This bag has come with us for trips across the globe, and there are no signs of it wearing out! If you’re searching for a new and functional travel camera backpack this is the bag for you!

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