Blue Moon Rising: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Lodging in Deep Creek, MD

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable place to stay in Deep Creek Maryland, consider staying at Blue Moon Rising. Blue Moon Rising focusing on providing visitors and ecotourism experience in Deep Creek Maryland. Each cabin is uniquely designed and was built locally in Cranesville, MD by Hobbitat. During our stay at Blue Moon Rising, we felt reconnected with nature and disconnected from the rest of the world. Staying at Blue Moon Rising in the Bella Donna cabin provided a lovely escape and retreat.

Blue Moon Rising

Eco-Friendly Mission

In 2008, Blue Moon Risings’ founder had a unique vision to create rental properties with sustainable construction practices and techniques. During construction, Blue Moon Rising strived to make an eco-friendly travel experience while leaving little impact on the local ecosystems as possible.

The mission of Blue Moon Rising is that nothing goes to waste. Each tree that was removed was carefully evaluated so that could be reused elsewhere on the property. Dirt removed during excavating foundations was sifted and mixed with clay, water, and lime to make a natural plaster coating for the interior and exterior straw bale walls on the building, “The Leap”. This sustainable and eco-friendly mission is throughout everything you experience at Blue Moon Rising, making these rentals a unique and lovely place to escape.

Cabin Amenities

Each cabin features recycled and sustainable materials in a quaint, tiny space. The cabins serve as a reminder of how you can live minimally! Blue Moon Rising provides eco-friendly sheets and towels, coffee, and locally made soap. All of the cabins have Wifi access, a full bathroom, an outdoor shower, mini fridge, and basic kitchen appliances including hot plates, a french press, and a toaster oven.

The one feature we really appreciated was how cars are not allowed in the cabin circle, instead, you are shuttled to your cabin from the main lodge and parking lot. It was amazing how not having vehicles around the cabins made the experience more relaxing. We also loved how our cabin had a guestbook where you could write journal entries and read the entries from other guests!

Blue Moon Rising’s includes some specific policies. The cabins are dog-friendly “as long as your dog is community friendly”. And children under 2 are not allowed.

Property Amenities

Community Space

Blue Moon Rising features community amenities that all visitors can enjoy. There is a community building, The Phoenix, that has games, a dining room, and full kitchen. During the weekends in the summer, there is space for bonfires and picnicking in the pavilion.


On the property, there are three easy walking trails for visitors only. One of the trails winds down the hillside while the other trail walks you through the forest and along a meadow.

Wedding Venue

Blue Moon Rising can accommodate you for a woodland wedding! At Blue Moon Rising, you can get married in the “Universal Evergreen Chapel of Earth,” enjoy your reception and spend a few days with your family in the cabins.

Harvest Moon Market

The Harvest Moon Market is Blue Moon Rising’s all organic market and grocery store. If you’re looking to do some organic shopping for your weekend in Deep Creek considering stopping by the Harvest Moon Market!


Blue Moon Rising also owns an all-organic restaurant with locally sourced fresh foods. This restaurant was a great vegetarian option in Deep Creek. The decor in Moonshadow was adorable with all of the mismatched tables and chairs and tableware. Our meals were delicious and our service was excellent. Throughout the week, Moonshadow hosts local musicians for concerts.

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