Best Scenic Overlooks and Views at New River Gorge National Park

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New River Gorge National Park is one of the most scenic places to visit in West Virginia. This 70,000 acre National Park spans 52 miles along New River, offering several scenic overlooks for you to enjoy! In this post, we’re covering the best scenic overlooks and scenic overlook hikes in New River Gorge National Park.

Canyon Rim Visitor’s Center Overlook

The Canyon Rim Overlook is one of the most accessible scenic overlooks at New River Gorge National Park. This overlook is located at the Canyon Rim Visitor’s Center near Fayetteville. It is a short 0.6-mile round-trip hike down into the Gorge via a boardwalk. The Canyon Rim Overlook offers one of the best close-up views of the bridge! The hike requires stairs; however, you can still view the Gorge at the Visitor’s Center.

If you’re feeling super adventurous and want to get a unique view of the Canyon Rim Overlook, you can even walk underneath the Bridge by doing the Bridge Walk!

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Longpoint Trail Overlook

The Longpoint Trail Overlook is one of the best overlooks in New River Gorge because it offers a panoramic view of the New River Gorge Bridge and the Gorge. The Long Point Trail is a 3.0-mile moderate round-trip hike. This trail is very popular, so make sure to arrive at the parking area early!

View of New River Gorge Bridge from Fayette Station Road

While this view might not be considered a true scenic overlook, it offers a different perspective of the Gorge and New River Gorge Bridge! Before the modern New River Gorge Bridge was constructed, travelers had to take a 40-minute drive down Fayette Station Road to cross the river! Today, you can drive the original road and learn about the road through the National Park’s audioguide.

While driving Fayette Station Road, take some time to pull off and enjoy the views of the gorge and bridge!

Endless Wall and Diamond Point Overlook

Endless Wall Trail and Diamond Point Overlook is our favorite hike in New River Gorge. At the Diamond Point Overlook, you get a fantastic view of the sandstone cliffs that run along the top of New River Gorge and the river below. The Endless Wall Trail can either be done as a loop or an in-and-out trail. As a loop, park in one of two parking areas, Fern Creek or Nuttal, and hike to the trail’s end, and then you will have to hike the road to get to your car. Or you can park at either parking area, hike to Diamond Point Overlook, and then hike the same way back to your car. Either way, you will make it to Diamond Point Overlook! Hopping on the trail at the Fern Creek Parking Area is the shorter hike, but both will give you the view!

Grandview Overlook

The Grandview Overlook is another easily accessible scenic overlook in New River Gorge National Park. It’s no wonder it’s called “Grandview” because it certainly is a grand view of New River! This overlook offers a great view of one of the many horseshoe bends along the river. From here, you can see trains and whitewater rafters pass by and enjoy the views.

To get to this overlook, park at the Grandview Visitors Center parking area and follow the signs to Grandview Overlook. In addition to the overlook, consider checking out some of the nearby hikes!

Turkey Spur Overlook

The Turkey Spur Overlook is another overlook at the Grandview area in New River Gorge National Park. To get to this overlook, you’ll get to climb up one of the sandstone cliffs! But don’t worry, there are plenty of stairs to get you to the top, and the view is totally worth it! You can either drive to the Turkey Spur Overlook to the end of Turkey Spur Road, or hike 1.5 miles via the Grandview Rim Trail. The trail starts at the Grandview Overlook. By taking the trail, you’ll get to see several other scenic views along the way.

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