Best Places to See Fall Foliage near Pittsburgh and in Western Pennsylvania

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Fall is such a beautiful time of year near Pittsburgh and in Western Pennsylvania! In this post, we’re going over the best places to see fall foliage and colors near Pittsburgh and within Western Pennsylvania.

See the Most Beautiful Fall Foliage and Colors Near Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania

Laurel Highlands and Lincoln Highway

The Laurel Highlands has been named one of the top fall foliage travel destinations! The Laurel Highlands is full of fun things to do in the fall and some of the best fall foliage in Western Pennsylvania.

Consider taking a scenic drive along the nation’s first highway, the Lincoln Highway, or known as Route 30. This winding highway will pass you through the rolling hills full of fall colors! Consider taking a day to enjoy this scenic drive, and don’t forget to stop along the way!

Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle State Park is one of the best state parks in the Laurel Highlands. Located just an hour from Pittsburgh, this park offers a range of hiking trails for leap peeping and fall colors. Ohiopyle State Park features several easily accessible waterfalls that look beautiful, surrounded by the fall foliage.

Things to do at Ohiopyle State Park in the Fall

  • Visit Ohiopyle Falls
  • Hike or bike a part of the Great Allegheny Passage
  • Explore Cucumber Falls
  • Visit the Natural Waterslides

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Linn Run State Park and Forbes State Forest

Linn Run State Park and Forbes State Forest are great fall foliage destinations in the Laurel Highlands if you’re looking to do some fall hiking! Both of these parks are located just 1.5 hours from Pittsburgh and feature miles of hiking trails for all skill levels. To get the best fall foliage views, consider hiking these trails!

Best Fall Hikes at Linn Run State Park

Best Fall Hikes at Forbes State Forest

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is a hidden gem near Pittsburgh for being in the outdoors. Not to be confused with Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden is located just 20 minutes from Pittsburgh in Settler’s Cabin State Park. The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden features several trails that will take you through fields, the forest, and curated gardens.

Mount Washington and Emerald View Park

Pittsburgh always looks beautiful in autumn because many trees and green spaces are scattered along the three rivers. Visiting Mount Washington and Emerald View Park is a great way to see the fall foliage in the city!

Gateway Clipper Cruise

Going on a Gateway Clipper Cruise is another fun way to see the fall foliage in Pittsburgh! In addition to their sightseeing tours, the Gateway Clipper offers Halloween and haunted cruises in October as well!

McConnell’s Mill State Park

McConnell’s Mills State Park is a hidden gem state park near Pittsburgh that is incredibly photogenic in the fall! This park offers 11 miles of trails and scenery that looks even better among the fall foliage. Check out the Cleland Rock Overlook to get a scenic view of the surrounding mountains and stop by McConnell’s Mill itself. This historic mill is situated along Slippery Rock Creek. The mill and McConnell’s Mill Covered Bridge are focal points of the park! If you’re looking for a nice fall hike after visiting the mill and bridge, hike along the river by taking the Kildoo Trail.

Frick Park

Frick Park is the largest urban park in Pittsburgh and is a great sport for viewing fall foliage in Pittsburgh! Frick Park has miles of hiking, walking, and biking trails. It’s a great place to see fall colors without traveling away from the city. Take a walk or ride before or after work, or spend an entire day exploring over a weekend!

Racoon Creek State Park

Racoon Creek State Park is a great day trip from Pittsburgh to see fall colors. Located just 45 minutes from the city, this 7,000+ acre state park features a lake and 44 miles of hiking trails with ranging difficulty.

Panther Hollow and Schenley Park

Panther Hollow is one of our favorite spots within Pittsburgh for getting outside! Located within Schenley Park, Panther Hollow features hiking trails and a hidden lake! Come October, this outdoor space turns into a beautiful fall foliage destination in Pittsburgh. Consider spending a Saturday or Sunday at Panther Hollow this fall!

After exploring Panther Hollow, take a walk around one of the many trails at Shenley Park is see more fall foliage!

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Horseshoe Curve, Altoona

Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark is considered one of the eight engineering marvels of the world! This is a three-track railroad curve along Norfolk Southern Railway’s Pittsburgh Line, provides railroad access through the Allegheny Mountains. This mountain area was once considered impenetrable until the Horseshoe Curve was built. This horseshoe-shaped bend in the railroad line allows for both freight and passenger trains to travel through central Pennsylvania. During the fall this area in the mountains is beautiful with fall foliage. At Horseshoe Curve, you can visit the museum and view both the trains and the gorgeous fall colors from an observation deck.

Erie and Presque Isle State Park

If you’re looking for somewhere different to view fall foliage in Pennsylvania, consider visiting Erie and Presque Isle State Park! This lakeside state park looks beautiful in the fall with Lake Erie as the backdrop. Hike along the beach and on some of the trails to take in the fall colors. This time of year is also great for visiting the Lake Erie Wine Country!

Pine Creek Gorge

Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, is one of the best places to see fall foliage in Pennsylvania! The gorge was carved out over thousands of years by Pine Creek, and today it has become a hot spot for outdoor adventure. Some of the best views of Pine Creek Gorge can be seen by visiting either Colton Point State Park or Leonard Harrison State Park, with one park situated on either the east or west rim of the gorge. You can also bike or hike along the Pine Creek Rail Trail, a 65-mile trail that runs along Pine Creek. Pine Creek Gorge is an excellent fall destination for leap peeping!

Fall Things to do at Pine Creek Gorge

Kinzua Bridge State Park

Kinzua Bridge State Park is one of Pennsylvania’s most unique state parks. Here, you an see the abandoned remnants of the Kinzua Bridge railroad bridge. The 301 feet long bridge was destroyed by a tornado in 2003. Today, you can explore the fallen ruins, or walk out into the Kinzua Gorge on a pedestrian bridge that was made using the remaining standing structures. During the fall, the fall foliage in the Kinzua Gorge is beautiful! Consider taking a day trip to Kinuza Bridge State Park to see some of the best fall colors in Western Pennsylvania!