How to Spend One Day in Historic Frankfurt Germany

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Learn how to spend one day in historic Frankfurt! In this guide, we include the top things to do in historic Frankfurt and some suggestions on where to eat and stay!

Compared to the other major cities in Germany, Frankfurt is much more modern and has less historic things to do. This is mostly because Frankfurt has become a metropolitan hub for business since the destruction caused by the World Wars. Even though it’s more modern, there are still fun, historic things to do in Frankfurt!

This guide is for how to spend one day in Frankfurt. If you’re visiting Frankfurt for one day or overnight for a connecting flight in Frankfurt, consider doing a little touring around the remains of the historic city!

One Day in Historic Frankfurt Germany: Top Things to Do

Frankfurt Tours and Excursions

Visit the Altstadt and Imperial Cathedral

On our way to Switzerland, we stopped overnight in Frankfurt Germany. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore the city, but the time we got was well spent. Frankfurt is a very modern city because of the destruction during the World Wars. One of the nice ways to see the city is by river cruise!

There is only one area of town that retains the traditional architecture. We spend most of our evening in this area, The Altstad. Here we had dinner, did some shopping, and took in the beauty of the architecture and the Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew. This district has been around since 794!

One Day in Frankfurt
Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew
One Day in Frankfurt
The Altstadt

Where to Eat in Historic Frankfurt

For dinner, we went to Paulander, a restaurant by the Germany brewery. The menu included tradition German dishes like schnitzel, pretzels, and mustard dishes. The restaurant’s decor was amazing with wall painting depicting the brewing process. Waitresses and waiters were dressed in traditional clothing, which added to the atmosphere. The menu included vegetarian options, which was great for Pam who is a vegetarian.

One Day in Frankfurt
One Day in Frankfurt
One Day in Frankfurt

Get a Panoramic View of the City from the Main Tower Frankfurt

We also visited the 56-storey Main Tower. With our ticket, you can get a panoramic view of the city!

One Day in Frankfurt
One Day in Frankfurt

Where to Stay in Frankfurt Germany

We stayed at another Hotel Ibis in Frankfurt. The breakfast was amazing with everything you could think of from waffles, eggs, fruit, hot and cold cereal, bread, and pastries. Clearly, we like good breakfasts so when hotels have breakfasts we like, we are very happy. Our room had two twin beds, a private bathroom, towels, and air conditioning. It was a little small but comfortable for overnight and very clean. The location was good for our needs during our stay. It was a short subway ride away from the historic district.

Since we have stayed at two Hotel ibis hotels, we were really happy to see that the chain as a whole is of good quality. Both hotels were well located, with excellent breakfasts, and comfortable rooms. It’s really refreshing to see a hotel chain in Europe that provides great service wherever they’re located!

Where else have you traveled to in Germany?

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