About us


Welcome! We are Pam and Kathrine, two sisters from southwestern Pennsylvania who love to spend our free time exploring new places! As young adults with busy working lives, we encourage others experience travel whether you’re taking a vacation or going on a day trip from your hometown!


Everywhere Forward is a blog for people who enjoy making the most of their days off through weekend trips, day trips, and short adventures. On our site you’ll find resources about hiking, museums, historical destinations, short itineraries, and more from around the globe.

Our Story


We were bitten by the travel bug early on. We always looked forward to family vacations during our school breaks. It was always so exciting going somewhere new, or visiting the places we fell in love with years prior.


During college, we offered some unique student travel opportunities that we couldn't pass up! Our college offered short photography courses that sent us to Rome, Greece, and Paris over our spring breaks! After each trip, we were already talking about booking another one.


Throughout college, we continued to satisfy our craving for travel by traveling as much as we could, whether it was a volunteer trip to Haiti, interning at the Smithsonian Institution, and traveling around the United States. With Kathrine's undergraduate and Pam's graduate programs coming to an end in 2017, we treated ourselves to a 40-day European adventure with EF Ultimate Break.


This trip inspired us to launch Everywhere Forward! We realized we found unique ways to travel and explore new places in between our education and working lives. We hope our site helps you to do the same!

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Forward, always forward,
everywhere forward!

The name of our blog is inspired by a quote from the founder of our undergraduate college, Boniface Wimmer.

It inspires us to always thinking and moving forward!