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It’s nice to meet you, fellow travel bug!

We are Kathrine and Pam, sisters from southwestern Pennsylvania who love to explore the world.

We were blessed to be able to travel throughout our childhoods, so we were bitten by the travel bug early on. We always looked forward to family vacations during our school breaks. During college, we offered some unique student travel opportunities that we couldn’t pass up! Our undergraduate school offered short photography courses that sent us to Rome, Greece, and Paris over our spring breaks! After each trip, we were already talking about getting another trip on the books.

  • Photography is a way for us to slow down and enjoy our experiences
  • We love making the most of our time traveling alongside our work schedules
  • Our favorite travels include lots of time exploring nature, cultural sites, and museums

Our Travel Blog is To Inspire you to explore the world around you

To us, traveling and going on crazy adventures around the world isn’t reserved for the financially well-off or someone who quits their job to become a travel blogger. Traveling is for anyone with a passion for exploring new places, whether that be in a small town 30 minutes from your home or across the globe.

Our blog focuses on empowering working others to see the world and maximize traveling during weekends and vacation days. On our blog, you’ll find short itineraries for weekend trips, lots of content about southwestern PA and West Virginia, and international adventures.

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