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Welcome to Everywhere Forward!

We are Kathrine and Pam, sisters from southwestern Pennsylvania who love to explore the world in between our 9-5 working lives.

Meet Pam

Hi, I'm Pam! I'm the oldest of the two of us (on the right). Here's a little about me:⁠

📷 I love taking photos and videos of our adventures⁠
📜 I have my masters degree in public history and am an educator at a historic site⁠
🌳 I love teaching people about nature and history⁠
🏔️ My favorite place we have visited so far is Switzerland. The mountains are incredible! ⁠
🌎 I hope to visit U.S. national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone sooner than later!⁠ ⁠


Hi, I'm Kathrine, the other half of Everywhere Forward!⁠

I'm the youngest of the two of us (on the right). Here's a little about me:⁠
⁠ 👩🏻‍🔬I'm a science nerd. I'm currently getting my PhD in Materials Engineering⁠
🍪 I'm an avid cookie monster ⁠
🌳 I enjoy the outdoors, exercising, and doing my makeup⁠
🇮🇹 My favorite place we have visited so far is ROME. Pizza, pasta, wine, ancient stuff, what could be better?!⁠
🌎 One day I hope to visit Eastern Europe! ⁠




We were bitten by the travel bug early on. We always looked forward to family vacations during our school breaks. During college, we offered some unique student travel opportunities that we couldn't pass up! Our undergraduate school offered short photography courses that sent us to Rome, Greece, and Paris over our spring breaks! After each trip, we were already talking about getting another trip on the books.


Throughout college, we continued to satisfy our craving for travel by serving others in Haiti, interning at the Smithsonian Institution, and traveling around the United States cities for school and work conferences. With Kathrine's undergraduate and Pam's graduate programs coming to an end in 2017, we treated ourselves to a 40-day European adventure with EF Ultimate Break. We knew after entering into the "real world" we likely wouldn't have an opportunity like that again! So that summer, we explored 8 countries and countless cities and villages across Europe!


By the time we entered the grad school/9-5 working world, life changed significantly. We no longer had longer blocks on time to travel as we did before. We had to find creative ways to balance work and school with our desire to travel. Between maximizing our weekends with local exploration and traveling over vacation time, we've come to realize that "work-travel" balance is possible. At this point, we decided to launch our blog Everywhere Forward to share with others how we traveled as students and how we continue to travel while working full time.




To us, traveling and going on adventures around the world isn't reserved for the financially well-off or someone who quits their job to become a travel blogger. Traveling is for anyone with a passion for exploring new places, whether that be in a small town 30 minutes from your home or across the globe.


Our blog focuses on empowering working adults and college students to see the world without having to sacrifice their career goals. We encourage working individuals and college students to maximize traveling during weekends and vacation days On our blog, you’ll find short itineraries for weekend trips, lots of content about southwestern PA, Ohio, and West Virginia, and international adventures.



🏡 We're from Latrobe, a town in Pennsylvania known for Mister Rogers, Arnold Palmer, and the banana split⁠.
👩‍💼 We both work full time (one in school, one at a job)⁠
🐱 We have three cats named after Greek gods (Apollo, Artemis, and Ares)⁠
🚙 We live in different states, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, so every get together is an adventure⁠
✈️ We are so grateful to have traveled to 14 countries so far⁠
🌎 You can find us on the road or the hiking trail taking pictures, geocaching, exploring historic places, and probably talking about Lord of the Rings.⁠

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