How to Spend One Day in Verona, Italy

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If you’re looking for another Italian city to visit near Venice, consider visiting Verona for a break from touristic hustle and bustle! Verona is definitely worth visiting if you’re traveling either to Venice or Milan because it’s conveniently located halfway between one another.

Verona has the best of Italian charm while being a smaller less touristic city. During our visit to Verona, we had some time to shop, eat, and see the famous Juliet’s balcony! Here’s how we spent our one day in Verona!

Day Trip to Verona Guide: Top Things to do in Verona, Italy

one day in verona
A Square in Verona

Recommended Tours of Verona

Eat Gelato

Here, we got our first gelato of the trip from Grom. When in Italy, eat all the gelato. Each gelato shop seems to have their own recipes, making each gelato experience slightly different in terms of flavors and consistency. Some places have more creamy gelato, while others have more ice based. With so many flavors to try, get a different one each time! Make the most of your time in Italy!

one day in verona

Visit Juliet’s Balcony

Sorry to break it to everyone, but Romeo and Juliet weren’t based on real people and Shakespeare never visited Verona. However, the 14th century little balcony at Via Cappello no. 23 has gained fame as Juliet’s Balcony where Romeo called to her. The alleyway towards the balcony is covered in love letters, lock, and symbols of love. Legend has it that if you touch the right breast of the Juliet statue in the courtyard you will have good fortune in love. Although the most touristic spot in town, this romantic courtyard is worth a visit if you’re in Verona.

one day in verona
Juliet’s Balcony
one day in verona
Things to do in Verona
Things to Do in Verona

Tour the Arena

Central Verona has the classic Italian charm of narrow streets, colorful buildings, and history around the corner. The central square of Verona is home to a 1st century Roman Arena. It is one of the best preserved of its kind, making it an amazing venue for opera performances. If you’re visiting Verona, check and see if there is a show at the Arena so you can experience its grandeur like the ancient Roman’s did.

Top Things to do in Verona
Arena in Verona
Top things to do in Verona

Go up the Torre dei Lamberti

The Torre dei Lamberti is an 84 m high tower in Verona that was constructed in 1172. If you go up the tower, you can take in some beautiful views of Verona!

The tower has two bells: the Marangona to signals fires, work times, and the hours of the day. The largest bell, the Rengo, is used to call to arms and to invoke the city’s councils.

Explore Castelvecchio

Castelvecchio is a diverse museum located in a medieval castle. Here you can see exhibits of art, sculpture, ceramics, goldworks, miniatures and some old bells

Hours: Monday from 13.30 to 19.30 
Tuesday to Sunday from 8.30 to 19.30 

Admission: 6€

Where to Stay in Verona

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