8 Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

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It’s always lovely visiting and exploring a new place when you travel! When we travel, we enjoy experiencing the new culture and immersing ourselves in the world around us. It’s one thing to visit a destination as a tourist and get your photos, but it’s another thing to have a unique, cultural experience and leave more enlightened about the local people and way of life. When we travel, we have a list of things to do each time we travel, no matter where we go!

Things You Need to Do Every Time You Travel

Visit the Top Tourist Attractions

Of course, when we visit somewhere new, we enjoy seeing the top tourist attractions and those bucket-list places. Don’t pass up doing them! We always learn something new and sometimes, when we talk with guides we learn about off the map and alternative things to do.

Ride The Public Transit

This our first suggestion on how to experience a new place like a local. Ride the public transit. See how the locals get around and live.

Shop at the Local Grocery Store and Market

Another option for touring as a local is visiting the local grocery store or open market. Here, you’ll find familiar and unfamiliar brands and food. You might find some snacks and food that you’ll want to take with you. When we were in Europe, we found Kinder chocolates and bought them up every chance we could! At markets, you’ll find fresh food and get a chance to talk with the locals. Which brings us to our next suggestion.

Speak the Language

Try speaking the language! Even if you feel silly, locals will appreciate that you’re trying. And who knows, you might learn that you have a skill for learning new languages!

Take Local Advice, Go off the Map, and Don’t be that Annoying Tourist

If you do have the chance to talk to locals, ask them for a suggestion of something different and interesting to do. Locals know best! They might suggest something you never considered or heard of. Many times, locals also appreciate when you, “the outside”, take time to talk to them. Tourists, especially in popular destinations, get a bad rep and can honestly be annoying. Don’t be that annoying tourist, instead embrace the local culture!

Buy Something with a Story

Is the destination you’re visiting known for a local craft or product? Or maybe you stumble upon a local shop that does woodworking and you learn the owner is a third-generation craftsman. As you’re doing some shopping, skip the keychain or the t-shirt and get something unique from where you’re visiting. That way, when you look at your souvenirs, you can think about the story and culture that goes with it.

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Eat Local Cuisine

When people think of France, they think crepes. People hear Italy and instantly think of gelato. Look up where you’re visiting and check if the destination is known for any local food and cuisine. Is there a local restaurant that you have to try? Is there an authentic dish you CANT miss out on if you visit there? If so, add those places to your list and give the local food a try.

Live in the Moment

It’s great to home with pictures, but don’t get so lost in capturing the perfect Instagram shot that you miss the opportunity to enjoy the place you’re visiting. All too often, we see people snapping away on their cameras, ignoring their tour guides, or completly missing the beautiful view. Yes, photographs are wonderful, but are they really worth it if you don’t the moment you captured wasn’t memorable?