What To Pack In Your Travel Day Bag

10 Gifts Young Travelers Want to Receive

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If you’re looking to do some shopping for your fellow young traveler’s, we have you covered! Having traveled for so many years as a young person, we know what kind of things we would have liked to receive as gifts for any occasion. For us, skip buying us travel decor, because our apartment walls are covered with pictures and art we bought abroad. Young people would rather have useful and practical things for travel. Let’s face it, no one wants to purchase the practical things for themselves!

Gift Guide for Young College Student Travelers

Money Towards Travel

Sometimes money or gift cards are the best way to support someone’s travel goals! If you’re shopping for someone who already has a lot of the things listed on this post, consider getting them a gift card towards their favorite booking services or money to put towards souvenirs or day to day travel expenses.

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Passport Cover

This is an easy one. A passport cover is not only a fashion statement, but it has a practical use. Some bloggers argue passport covers are just a hassle because sometimes you’re required to take them off. For us, we like them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they can come in handy for safety. In a backpack full of stuff, they look less like a passport. Secondly, many of them have extra pockets where you can keep boarding passes and other forms of identification. They keep everything organized!

Scratch off Map

Scratch off Maps are a fun way of documenting (and advertising to visitors) all of the places you have traveled! We have been wanting one of these for ages but haven’t made the investment.


While we’re traveling, we love to document our travels by writing in a journal! We try to journal at the end of each day and while we are out and about. Sometimes when we’re on a tour we’ll hear an interesting fact we want to jot down. A journal is more fun than writing notes in your phone!

Instax Camera

Instax Polaroid Cameras are very trendy with young adults and we love them! It’s fun to take polaroids and make photo albums with them from our travels.


Consider a Fitbit your fitness guru travelers! When we travel, it’s fun to check and see how many steps we got in a day since we do a lot of walking!

National Park Passport Book

If you’re looking for a unique gift for travelers in the United States, consider a National Park Passport book. These little books are a fun way to interact with National Parks and add to your bucket list. For each National Park, you can get a stamp with the date on it to commemorate your trip!

Packing Cubes

You can never have enough packing cubes! There are so many kinds of packing cubes out there now that you can’t have too many. Some are perfect for carry-ons, others are awesome for dress clothes, and some are better for outdoor/adventure gear. In addition to packing cubes, get your young traveler something to organize their personal items like toiletries! When staying in hostels or hotels, it’s nice having everything in one place!

Gorilla Pod

GorillaPod tripods are great for anyone, not just photographers or vloggers. Gorillapods stabilize video and are perfect for selfies on a timer. A Gorillapod tripod will take your young traveler’s photography and video quality to the next level without a high price tag! You can get Gorilla pods for DSLR cameras and point and shoot depending on your camera type!

Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than a dead phone while traveling. A portable charger will come to the rescue!

Technology Organization Case

For your shutterbug/working travelers, consider getting them something to organize their tech gear. Charger cords, memory cards, and lenses and get unorganized and lost while traveling.

Scrapbook Kits

After we’re done traveling, we like to scrapbook our memories! These scrapbook kits are easy and a great way to remember trips!

New Luggage

A new luggage piece or day bag for traveling makes for the perfect gift for young travelers! We love our Swiss Gear Energie Series luggage! It’s a perfect weight and has a built-in charger, is expandable, and fits perfectly in overhead bins.