10 Best Waterfalls Near Pittsburgh

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Are you looking to go on some awesome waterfall hikes near Pittsburgh? Read on to learn about the best waterfalls near Pittsburgh!

Surprisingly, there are quite a few waterfalls near Pittsburgh worth exploring. All of these waterfalls are located less than two hours from Pittsburgh, making them a great day trip during the summer or fall!

Most of these waterfalls near Pittsburgh are located within state parks, so in addition to exploring the waterfalls, takes some time to explore the other awesome things they have to offer!

Waterfalls Near Pittsburgh You Need to Visit this Summer

Jonathan Run Falls

If you’re looking to visit multiple waterfalls near Pittsburgh in a single trip, visit Ohiopyle State Park! Ohiopyle State Park is located just an hour and a half from Pittsburgh in the Laurel Highlands. The Ohiopyle waterfalls are some of the best in the area!

Jonathan Run Falls is located along the Jonathan Run Trail and is actually a series of three cascading waterfalls. The upper Jonathan Run Falls are the most accessible; however, you will have to hike down to the falls using a path formed by others hiking down. But once you get to the falls, the view is worth it!

How to get to Jonathan Run Falls: Park at the Jonathan Run Falls Parking area and hike the ~1.4-mile on the trail. You will come to a third bridge and the intersection of Jonathan Run Trail and the Kentuck Trail. On the lefthand-side, you’ll see a user-made trail that goes down the hill. This is the best way to access the fall!

Cucumber Falls

Cucumber Fall is another awesome waterfall at Ohiopyle State Park. This waterfall is located at the Cucumber Falls Natural Area and is a short hike down into the gorge. One of the coolest things about Cucumber Falls is that you can view the falls from multiple angles. And it looks beautiful during all seasons!

How to get to Cucumber Falls: Park at the Cucumber Falls Natural Area. This waterfall is quite popular at Ohiopyle, so parking can sometimes be a challenge, when it gets busy people will park along the road. If you want to beat the crowds consider visiting on a weekday or during the off-peak season. The steps down to the falls can also get slippery and crowded so make sure you’re careful!

Ohiopyle Falls

This waterfall hike in Ohiopyle State Park is the most accessible at the park. You’ll be able to hear the falls before you see them when you arrive at the parking area! Ohiopyle Falls is located along the Youghiogheny River, which passes through the downtown area of Ohiopyle.

How to get to Ohiopyle Falls: Park at the visitors center, and you’ll find multiple viewpoints along the river to view the falls. If you go inside the visitors center you’ll be able to get a nice “over-the-water” view of the falls.

If you want to get a different view of Ohiopyle Falls from the other side of the River, take the Great Allegheny footbridge over the river to the Ferncliff Pennisula Natural Area. Here, you can hop on the trail that will take you along the river on the opposite side!


Fallingwater is certainly the most unique waterfall near Pittsburgh! Fallingwater is actually the name of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that sits overtop the waterfall. Fallingwater is a Frank Lloyd Wright home that was constructed over the waterfall along Bear Run for the Kaufmann family in the late 1930s. This waterfall is striking because of the architectural masterpiece hovering over the falls.

If you’re planning a visit to see the waterfall, make sure you take a tour of the home itself as well. You can’t miss out on seeing the inside of this beautiful home.

How to get to Fallingwater: Park at the Fallingwater visitors center and take the trail to the overlook. Here you can get a great view of the home and falls!

McConnells Mill State Park: Kildoo Falls

Kildoo Falls at McConnell’s Mill State Park is an easily accessible waterfall near Pittsburgh! During a visit to McConnell’s Mill, stop by the historic mill and enjoy a view of the covered bridge and the Slippery Rock Creek. You can see Kildoo Falls by hiking the Kildoo Falls Trail that starts at the covered bridge. The falls are located a short walk from the trailhead.

Settler’s Cabin State Park

This little waterfall at Settler’s Cabin State Park near Pittsburgh makes for a great hike during any time of the year! The Settler’s Cabin waterfall is smaller than the other falls on this list, but it’s still worth visiting because of it’s close proximity to Pittsburgh!

How to get to the Settler’s Cabin Waterfall: The waterfall is located along the green trail. The green loop trail is about 2 miles long and can be accessed by parking at the Arrowhead Parking area. There are signs along the trail to help you! There is a bit of a climb down to the waterfall, but once you get to it you’ll see the cute little 4-foot waterfall!

Falls Run Park

This hidden gem waterfall located in Glenshaw is perfect if you’re looking for a short and easy hike. The hike is less than a mile and features a 25-foot waterfall! You can easily see the waterfall from all angles thanks to recently installed steps. The trail can get muddy because it’s located in a smaller gorge with lots of runoff after rainfall.

Parking is available on both ends of the trail at Falls Run Park. If you park at the Falls Run Road parking area, you’ll find a playground and basketball court, and trail access. The other end of the trail is accessible from a parking area in a small neighborhood.

How to get to Falls Run Park: Parking area address- 187 Fall Run Rd, Glenshaw, PA 15116.

Frankfort Mineral Springs Falls

Racoon Creek State Park is one of our favorite places to go hiking near Pittsburgh and there happens to be an awesome waterfall there too!

Frankfort Mineral Springs Falls is a great hike and waterfall near Pittsburgh if you’re taking a day trip to Raccoon Creek State Park! You can find the waterfall at the beginning of the Mineral Springs Loop. This waterfall is especially beautiful in the spring or after heavy rainfall. If you continue along the trail, you’ll see the ruins of the circa-1800s Mineral Springs Resort.

How to get to Frankfort Mineral Springs Falls: Racoon Creek State Park is located just 45 minutes west of Pittsburgh. Park at the Mineral Springs loops trailhead. The waterfall is a short hike from the trailhead!

Adam’s Falls and Flat Rock

Adam’s Falls in Linn Run State Park is another hidden gem waterfall hike near Pittsburgh. Linn Run State Park is located near Ligonier Pennsylvania! This state park is located in the heart of the Laurel Highlands and this region makes for a great day trip from Pittsburgh!

How to get to Adam’s Falls: Adam’s Falls is accessible from the Adam’s Falls Picnic Area and trailhead. After parking at the lot by the playground, hike up the gravel hill and you’ll find the trailhead at the top! The waterfall is close to the beginning of the hike, so it’s easy to get to!

While visiting Adam’s Falls, take a hike along the Flat Rock Trail that goes along Linn Run as well. The trailhead is located by the picnic tables along the stream. Once you get to the end of the half-mile hike, you’ll find the stream rushing along with a series of flat rocks, making for another interesting waterfall!

Which of these waterfalls near Pittsburgh will you explore next?

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